Fake Marrying Her Dad's Best Friend

Fake Marrying Her Dad s Best Friend My next door neighbor is a single dad He s best friends and business partners with my dad because they were in the military together And he needs a nanny for the summer I m going to college in the fal

  • Title: Fake Marrying Her Dad's Best Friend
  • Author: Alyse Zaftig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My next door neighbor is a single dad He s best friends and business partners with my dad because they were in the military together And he needs a nanny for the summer I m going to college in the fall, but I can t sit around at the pool all summer So when Jeff needs someone to watch his baby boy, I don t refuse Danny quickly becomes my whole world, even if he s driv My next door neighbor is a single dad He s best friends and business partners with my dad because they were in the military together And he needs a nanny for the summer.I m going to college in the fall, but I can t sit around at the pool all summer So when Jeff needs someone to watch his baby boy, I don t refuse Danny quickly becomes my whole world, even if he s driven away every other nanny When I move in, my secret crush on Jeff blossoms And one night, I find myself in his bed And then I m wearing his grandmother s ring on my finger Once I m pregnant, everything spirals out of control I love him, but I don t know if our love can survive everything that life has to throw at us No cheating, guaranteed HEA

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  • ARC . BRAVO ! 😍 HOT SEXY OLDER YUMMY EX-ARMY BUSINESSMAN AND HOT SEXY FEISTY COLLEGE VIRGIN I FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY . A VERY DELIGHTFUL MUST READ. FIRST TIME READING FROM THIS AUTHOR ALYSE ZAFTIG This story take place in California, where ex-Army buddies, business partner and neighbors, where they live and work . Eric and his college bound daughter Elia , lives next door to Jeff and infant son Danny. Elia is take care of Danny , when Jeff is busy working out his home office , sometimes [...]

  • Elia, neighbor and temporary nanny to baby Danny, had just gotten him to sleep when the phone rang. Danny started screaming, over-tired yet fighting it all the way. Jeff, his dad, was working from home most of the time since he was having problems keeping a full-time nanny. Elia now figured out why! Danny was great when he was rested, but he was inconsolable when sleepy or fighting sleep. She had nowhere to comfortably sit with him, so she went into Jeff’s room and put him in the extra crib. W [...]

  • Elia's dad and their neighbors were friends and business partners. Jeff is newly widowed with a young baby at home. Elia starts working as Jeff's nanny during the summer to make money for college. Elia loves her job except for two thing, Baby Danny suffers from colic and Jeff is too sexy for her to concentrate. Things are going along well until a business problem comes up and Elia's dad has to go to China for a couple of months. He doesn't want his 19 yr. old daughter living alone in their house [...]

  • Jeff is best friends with Elia's dad. They live next door to each other, were in the force together, are business partners and have been best friends forever. When Jeff is in need of a nanny for his baby Danny, Elia is helping him out. She's 19 and it's summer before she starts college. She's had a crush on him forever. When her dad needs to go to China for business, he thinks it's a good idea for her to move in with Jeff for the time being so she isn't alone. What he didn't expect was for Jeff [...]

  • Elia has had a crush on her neighbor and dad's bestfriend, Jeff, since she was a teen. Now when he needs a nanny, she's given the job since she's home for the summer. What she doesn't expect is for her father to need to go to China and force her to move in with Jeff while he's gone. What can she do right.Jeff finds Elia sleep in his bed and loved the way she looks there but knows his friend, her dad, will kill him if he touches her. When he wakes her to head home he tells her that as well. When [...]

  • I voluntarily read an ARC for my honest reviewElia is home waiting to start collage, so in the mean time she is babysitting little Danny for her dad's best friend and business partner who lost his wife during childbirth. Elia has a crush on Jeff since she was in her early teens and it hasn't gone away, but she just can't cross that line. Unbeknown to her Jeff is looking at her in a new light since she turned 18. But neither will cross that line until Jeff is stress from work one day and drinks t [...]

  • This quite an interwoven story with lots of surprises and no shortage of drama. Jeff's wife dies in childbirth and he is raising his infant son. He has trouble keeping nanny's so his business partner/next door neighbor suggests that his college bound daughter Ella can help over the summer. This story is told from a dual POV so it helps us understand what both of them are thinking. A sweet older man, younger woman romance that is a roller coaster of sorts. Lots of drama when his in-laws sue for c [...]

  • *3.5 stars * A steamy forbidden romance develops between Jeff, an older man and Ella, the daughter of his business partner, when she becomes the temporary nanny for his son Danny. While the story flowed for the most part, I had some difficulty believing the events that that led to Ella moving into Jeff's house. Ella's character is depicted skillfully through her care for Danny, but Jeff's character seems somewhat flat to me. And despite Ella's crush on Jeff, there seemed to be a disconnect betwe [...]

  • I my name is Elia and I have had a crush on my Fathers old army buddy and he is Jeff blossomes I am waiting to start college and he needs a nanny because his last nanny quite on him and he is having trouble with his ex wife and she wants the little boy all to her self so he if fighting and needs a good person that he can trust so that is me and I am now living in his house and one night I get in his bed and give him my v card and things go sparking after that and I have his grandmothers ring on [...]

  • A very well written story that surprised me a few times, which made it only better. The main characters are the widowed father Jeff and his best friends daughter Elia. Jeff needs a nanny for his children and Elia volunteers to take the place. Not a new story but a great plot and it is so well written that you almost feel you are in it. A very tender and sweet lovestory.The intrigues and sexiness and the great story-line, unique characters, some drama, the twists and turns, very hot chemistry and [...]

  • Elia has had a crush on her neighbor for years, but knows nothing will ever come of it. Jeff needs a nanny to help out when he works. One drunken night changes everything. Will Jeff be able to prove that he wants her for real? Will Elia's father allow them to be together?This was definitely a hot read, BUT I felt it had some holes. Big thing for me was skipping some parts, like what actually happened to the grandparents in the end? I understood Jeff's POV to a point but there were times when he [...]

  • Student Elia is a temporary nanny for her father Eric's best friend and business partner Jeff, who she has crushed on for years. When Elia's father leaves on a long business trip, she stays with Jeff at her father's insistence. Widower Jeff can't stop thinking about 19 year old Elia. After a rough day at work, Jeff gets drunk and spends a steamy night with Elia. Jeff and Elia start dating and he tells her that she's the one. Jeff's greedy in-laws plan to sue him for custody of his son Danny so t [...]

  • This is an ARC Review. I commend Ms Zaftig for giving the female lead, 19 year old Elia, with more maturity than some female leads who have master degrees but can't put a coherent thought together when dealing with a romantic/business relationship and its unexpected life changing issues. Elia holds her own against her employer, the alpha male widower, Jeff who lives next door to her and her father's house. He is also a business partner to her father. Because this is more in line with a novella t [...]

  • A short sweet romance between a younger girl/older man. At 19 Elia is home for the summer before heading off to college. When her dad's friend and next door neighbour has to fire his nanny she offers to help out for the summer. She has had a crush on Jake for years but has never let on about it. When her father has to fly off to China for business he refuses to let her stay home alone and insists that she move in with Jake. One thing leads to another and the nanny becomes the fake wife to save h [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading this book. First, it is a great story. It is sweet, and at the same time, steamy hot. Then, I love a sexy man that is a good daddy, and Jeff definitely fits the bill for that. I also love cute, sweet, little babies, and Danny is cute and little, and sweet some of the time. He has colic and has a difficulty sleeping, so this can make a very cranky little boy, but he is still adorable. Then there is 19 year old, Elia, the young, teenage neighbor, daughter of Jeff's best fr [...]

  • Jeff & Elia story is an excellent older man & younger woman story. Jeff has a son, Danny, that has colic & cries all the time but Jeff has to work, so his best friend, next door neighbor, and business partner ask his 19 year old daughter to watch Danny. Then Elia's Dad has to leave the country and tells her she must stay at Jeff's house during that time. But he don't count on Jeff taken her virginity when he agreed to let them marry so that Jeff can keep Danny from his ex in laws. Wh [...]

  • Neighbor nanny all around forbidden.I received an ARC for this book.She's just helping out for the summer. Playing nanny to the neighbor she's always crushed on. Oh yeah he's her dad's best friend and business partner.When things go wrong with his deceased wife's family her father gives permission for the two to marry. Thinking it's in name only.Everything is not what he thinks though. Everything is going well until it isn't. Putting the pieces back together will take time.

  • I received a free advanced reader copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review itThis is a lovely romance story about Elia who is 19 and working as a nanny for her neighbour and dads best friend JeffWhen threatened to lose custody of his son Jeff and Elia decide on a marriage of convenienceIt's a lovely romance story, my only disappointment was there were times that Jeff seemed colder to Elia than he should have, it lacked a little tenderness for my taste, but still a great book and a nic [...]

  • The summer before she starts college 19 year old Elia helps babysit for the next door neighbour. Jeff lost his wife during child birth of their son Denny and has been through to many nanny to count. Elia has always had a crush on him and when her dad leaves for a business trip he sends her to stay next door. This is in dual POV WITH some ups and downs. Who doesn't love a single daddy older man situation!?I received this as an ARC for my honest review.

  • This was an Interesting contemporary romance, the plot was entertaining and the characters were enjoyable. the reason I only gave it 4 stars is because I didn't really connect with the couple, they just didn't seem to work well in the story for me. Some people may really enjoy this book and the plot was entertaining so if you like the blurb, give it a read, as this is only my personal opinion.I received a copy of this book and voluntarily decided to review.

  • She has had a crush on him for awhile. When he needs a nanny, she steps up. When he needs a wife to keep his son, she volunteers. It gets complicated when they both act on the attraction.I liked the story and the characters. She really wants to help him but gets mixed up into something much bigger than she expected. There is great chemistry between them and you want them to find happiness.I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.

  • This was a quick read. Both Jeff and Elia have a thing for the other but until they are put in close quarters and Jeff gets drunk nothing happens and neither knows. I thought the story was cute for the most part. It was short so things happened quickly and sometimes problems got fixed/went away just a little too easily. I didn't feel that they had a good/complete resolution for me. Otherwise the story was cute and I enjoyed it and the characters. The sex is explicit and I thought blended into th [...]

  • A fun little read. Nothing too earth shattering or overwhelming; but certainly enough discord and heat to keep you interested. The storyline was good; character development was good; stroll to the HEA was not without some angst along the way. It's definitely worth reading! (I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and thought it was good.)

  • I quite enjoyed it.I recommend it for someone who like simple love story and want to read something at once without thinking too much.For me, I prefer more complex storyline. I find this story way too basic and ordinary, there is almost no character development at all, especially with Jeff.I eager to read more about young girl and older man relationship. lol :)

  • I will admit I'm torn by this book. The story is sweet and a good read but I feel it's let down by the rushed ending and the coldness of Jeff at times. I find Ella completely endearing but Jeff can be a bit standoffish and I didn't like him too much. Generally a good read and one worth giving a go.I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reading copy of this book

  • An amazing book with just about everything you could want from a romance. The storyline between Jeff and Elia is great and kept me turning pages from beginning to end. A must read for anyone who loves a great romance. I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • No spoilers, I really enjoyed this book, my first to read a book form Alyse, wont be my last. i was captured from the moment i started reading it. Smokin hot older man Jeff / younger woman Ellie.I would recommend this book, I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy

  • If you like older men and younger womenthis one will be right up your alley.Definitely has all the right ingredients in it to keepyou turning the pages.I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

  • I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review. I really wanted to like this book but a lot of it fell short. It was slow to get to the point and there was a lot of needless detail. Everything just seemed too easy. Rate 2.75 stars.

  • I voluntarily read an ARC of this. Elia and her father live next door to Jeff and his small son, Danny. Jeff and Elia's father are friends.Jeff needs a babysitter for Danny and Elia steps in, but soon finds herself stepping into a whole lot more. Pretty fun insta-love read!

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