E a Música Continua

E a M sica Continua Lane Harmon assistente pessoal de um designer de interiores conceituad ssimo e est portanto habituada a ir a casas luxuosas O seu mais recente trabalho numa casa modesta de Nova J rsia portanto fora

  • Title: E a Música Continua
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9789722531443
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Capa mole
  • Lane Harmon assistente pessoal de um designer de interiores conceituad ssimo e est portanto habituada a ir a casas luxuosas O seu mais recente trabalho, numa casa modesta de Nova J rsia portanto fora do habitual Descobre que se trata da casa da mulher de um magnata da finan a ca do em desgra a, Parker Bennett, que desapareceu h dois anos, juntamente com o fundo deLane Harmon assistente pessoal de um designer de interiores conceituad ssimo e est portanto habituada a ir a casas luxuosas O seu mais recente trabalho, numa casa modesta de Nova J rsia portanto fora do habitual Descobre que se trata da casa da mulher de um magnata da finan a ca do em desgra a, Parker Bennett, que desapareceu h dois anos, juntamente com o fundo de cinco milh es de d lares que geria A quest o acerca do suic dio de Bennett, se ter sido genu no ou encenado, continua Tanto os clientes como o governo querem encontr lo e ao dinheiro Mas Lane fica comovida com a f inabal vel da senhora Bennett na inoc ncia do marido E gradualmente come a tamb m a aproximar se de Mark, determinado em provar a inoc ncia do pai Mas quanto mais se aproxima desta famosa fam lia, mais a sua vida e a do filho de cinco anos corre perigo.

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    Mary Higgins Clark, 1 international and New York Times bestselling author, is the author of 46 books and counting she s written thirty three suspense novels three collections of short stories a historical novel, Mount Vernon Love Story two children s books, including The Magical Christmas Horse and a memoir, Kitchen Privileges She has also written five holiday suspense novels with Carol Higgins Clark and The Cinderella Murder, a new thriller in collaboration with bestselling novelist Alafair Burke.Clark s books have sold than 100 million copies in the United States alone Her books are beloved around the world and have made her an international bestseller many times over.


  • DisappointedI used to love Mary Higgins Clark. That being said, this book was a major disappointment. Her writing style has become more like her daughter's -- juvenile. I'm just glad I borrowed this from the library and didn't buy it.

  • Was this REALLY written by MHC? Has Mary possibly been taken over by body snatchers?This is absolutely nothing like the old MHC I've read. It is supposed to be suspense/mystery and instead it reads like romantic fluff garbage. The writing feels totally juvenile.There is instalove. There is sad, romantic brooding. There is tragedy in everybody's past. There is even a hint at a love triangle. I seriously almost threw my kindle across the room when at 80% an FBI agent confesses his love for the fem [...]

  • 3-3.5 stars This is written like MHC's last 5-7 books have been. Easy, light, nothing special. I enjoy these for what they are, and know now not to expect the exciting thrillers she used to write in the 80's. It's a bit predictable, as her later books are, and formulaic. I would classify this more of a suspense type than a mystery. There's not much mystery here. A little bit. I liked the main character and found it a good audiobook that I didn't have to strain my attention on when listening. Rec [...]

  • I have long been a fan of Mary Higgins Clark, the Queen of Suspense, a title she so richly deserves. I own every book she has ever written and they are among my most cherished possessions. I even had the distinct honor of meeting her in person at one of her book signings. She's not only a gifted writer but she's a warm and kind person and an inspiration to all mystery/suspense writers. "The Melody Lingers On" is a wonderful addition to her long list of published novels. As I read some of the oth [...]

  • A round of applause for the "Queen of Suspense" for dedicating over forty years of her life as a beloved author, giving readers bountiful hours of suspense thrilling joy. What an amazing accomplishment! I tip my hat to her royal pen. This particular book, however, didn't have the same level of wow factor and intensity as previous Mary Higgins Clark books I've read. Rather than a suspense thriller, it was more like a lightly seasoned financial crimes cozy, with some interior decorator nuances and [...]

  • Dear god, this book is so terrible! It doesn't even qualify as a murder mystery for me. Because for one thing, there is no fricking murder in the book in the first place to investigate! The story is a silly and convoluted one of a rich man stealing money from investors and disappearing and then people are trying to catch him while his co-workers and family are under suspicion. Does this sound suspenseful? Well, if it does, it's because I've oversold it!I don't know what Clark's recent fascinatio [...]

  • Although the story is very light, and the plot is a little thin and transparent, the book has its merits. Occasionally, this is just the type of book I need when I can't seem to muster up the energy, or have the attention span, to focus on something too detailed or deep. Also, there are times I want to read something without graphic violence or bad language, which often feels very refreshing for a change. Although, this book is not quite as absorbing, detailed, or complex as many of Mary's previ [...]

  • I feel like there wasn't a lot of suspense in this one! It was a nice quick read, but definitely not as good as some of her older titles.

  • A story of an investment banker, Parker Bennett, who deceived his clients; the aftermath for those who were affected; and the mystery of what happened to the supposedly deceased crook, grabbed me from the first page of The Melody Lingers On.Lane Harmon is a young interior designer, an assistant to Glady Harper, famed designer to the rich in Connecticut, Manhattan, and nearby wealthy neighborhoods. A single mom to four-year-old Katie, Lane finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Eric Bennett and his [...]

  • 2,5* seria justo.MhC é uma das minhas escritoras favoritas, mas estes últimos livros dela desiludiram-me.Continuam a ser de leitura rápida, mas as tramas deixam mto a desejar

  • Originally posted on Gone With The BooksLane and her boss Glady work on the interior decoration of a house, where Anne Bennett will move in. After her husband Parker betrayed many people of their money and disappeared right after that, she is short of money and needs to move. When Lane meets her son Eric Bennett for the first time, she feels a certain connection to him, and does something she hadn´t done in a long time: dating. But not everyone is happy to see them together. Many people believe [...]

  • As she has done before, Mary Higgins Clark writes about rich people (like herself). Financier Parker Bennett spent 13 years carefully building up a fund joined by many middle class, working class, and later on, well off people to 5 billion dollars then runs away with it into a new identity he had prepared at the beginning. There are several things I found unbelievable enough to take off a star. Here they are:(1) He had the money put into a numbered Swiss bank account which was perfectly safe the [...]

  • Good story but by the end I really didn't feel much towards any of the characters so it was a lackluster read for me. Not on the keep shelf and I should have picked it up from the library. There needed to have been more interaction with the main characters so I cared about them at all. Lane was out on weekly dates with someone but it was just a passing blurb (even that she was seeing the person as much as she did). As a reader I didn't discover any of this by reading about it (did she enjoy it o [...]

  • I've read every book by Mary Higgins Clark, and I've enjoyed all of them.This one is no exception. It has all the traditional MHC books: strong female character, a great supporting cast, suspense (not as much as other books), a solid conclusion. Fans will enjoy it, but be warned it's a little slower of a book than many of her earlier works. However, I still enjoyed reading and seeing what would happen.

  • Having just spent a week in the heavy atmosphere of Seveneves, I needed something light and quick to cleanse my mental palate. This was pretty standard issue MHC, I enjoyed it up to the overly silly ending.

  • I basically only read Mary Higgins Clark for the nostalgia factor. Her books are nothing special, but she was the first "adult" author I read when I was a child, so I hold a fondness in my heart for her.

  • meh. typical Clark; names have changed but plot arc now seems very formulaic compared to her earlier works. Maybe Clark should retire.

  • Al inicio del libro se nos presenta a Lane Harmon, la supuesta protagonista (luego os comento porqué digo supuesta), viuda con una hija de 4 años que trabaja como ayudante para Glady Haper, la reina del interiorismo de Nueva York. Glady le dice a Lane que tiene un encargo de Eric, hijo de un antiguo cliente, Parker Bennet, un gestor de fondos que había estafado miles de millones a sus clientes y que desaparece una noche de hace 2 años en su velero. Se creé que se suicidó pero tampoco está [...]

  • I am pretty solidly an MHC fan, and even though all of her books have certain similarities (30-ish beautiful, successful woman as a main character, someone who holds a key to the mystery if only they can remember, etc.) I have really liked her books, and have been sucked into the mystery and suspense, and I was excited to read her latest book. I was underwhelmed by this one though. I had a tough time getting into the story, and, because of how it was set up, I wasn't entirely sure what the myste [...]

  • Extremely formulaic! I could tell that this wouldn't be the best of Clark's books by the end of chapter one. I had everything figured out by page 100. The author repeatedly used the same phrases over and over again. It truly felt like she had a "Write a mystery book template" and she just filled in the blanks. The characters were bland and one dimensional and the reader never really gets to know any of them in any real depth. The writing was pretty bad I hate to say. It was just very immature. D [...]

  • MHC always gets a "like" from me. I looked forward to her new book coming out each year. Yes, each one fits a mold, a pattern, a whatever. But she writes so well. It goes down so easily, so smoothly, and ironic-given-the-murderous-theme so sweetly. This one is no different. Very entertaining. Was a perfect beach read. My only complaint is that MHC does indeed have to learn to write more appropriate inner and outer dialog for the female 30-something main character that she favors. For example, 20 [...]

  • I confess I had given up on Clark after a few titles that I didn't feel up to par. With this one she's back to her old form with a fast-paced story, sympathetic heroine, danger and suspense, plot twists, and just a touch of romance. Nice people put in jeopardy with a few surprises. Quick, satisfying read for her many fans. I find it fascinating that really no one has been able to replicate the Clark formula, and the authors who win the Mary Higgins Clark award each year really don't come close. [...]

  • El peor que he leído de esta autora. No hay misterio, ni enganche, los personajes parecen de comiquita, etc. Sabemos que sus libros solo entretienen, pero este, nada de nada.

  • Another quick, good read from the Queen of Suspense. I do feel that her earlier books had more suspense and intrigue.

  • Traditional Mary Higgins Clark mystery. Sprinkled with enough details to have you wondering who actually committed the crime.

  • 2.5 stars, reallyThe storyline was quite interesting. If not for that, I most likely wouldn't have finished this one. I did not like the writing style, though. Particularly, the way it kept going back and forth between first and third person. Let me see if I can explain how this worked The main part of the story is told in third person, but much of the backstory is told in first person through the thoughts of the characters. So every time it switches to a character's thoughts, it also switches t [...]

  • Com um ritmo constante e sem grandes percalços no enredo, esta foi uma leitura agradável, como é habitual com Mary Higgins Clark. As emoções grandes e revelações ficaram para o final e foram mesmo surpreendentes! (view spoiler)[Acreditei mesmo que Eric não tinha nada a ver com a fraude do pai, mas também porque estou influenciada pela receita habitual da autora que inclui sempre um romance discreto com o protagonista masculino erradamente suspeito. Só quando aquela ex-namorada da juven [...]

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