Adrift on the Sea of Rains

Adrift on the Sea of Rains A nuclear war has killed everyone on Earth leaving stranded on the Moon nine astronauts at Falcon Base With them they have a torsion field generator a mysterious device which they hope will find th

  • Title: Adrift on the Sea of Rains
  • Author: Ian Sales Jeffrey Schmidt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Audiobook
  • A nuclear war has killed everyone on Earth, leaving stranded on the Moon nine astronauts at Falcon Base With them they have a torsion field generator , a mysterious device which they hope will find them an alternate Earth which has not succumbed to nuclear armageddon But once they ve found such an Earth, how will they make the trip home They have one Lunar Module, andA nuclear war has killed everyone on Earth, leaving stranded on the Moon nine astronauts at Falcon Base With them they have a torsion field generator , a mysterious device which they hope will find them an alternate Earth which has not succumbed to nuclear armageddon But once they ve found such an Earth, how will they make the trip home They have one Lunar Module, and that can only carry four astronauts to lunar orbit

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    Ian Sales Jeffrey Schmidt Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Adrift on the Sea of Rains book, this is one of the most wanted Ian Sales Jeffrey Schmidt author readers around the world.


  • 3.5 stars. This novella reminded me pleasantly of reading Tiptree, right down to the ending. Something about the era, I suppose. Some of the technical jargon and acronyms got tiresome, but will appeal to people who love the Apollo mission era.

  • The first book in this quartet sets the tone nicely: a disaffected astronaut, one of several, is marooned on the moon, and the only hope of returning to Earth lies in a strange device called a torsion field generator.This story is short, but beautifully written and immaculatively researched. You still get a lot of bang for your buck. Sales sets up some wonderful resonances - but I won’t spoil it for you.Overall, a great read, and exactly the kind of science fiction I’d like to spend my time [...]

  • Apollo 16's LM ascent stage Orion approaches command module Casper, 23 April 1972Look. Really - LOOK. Here is the literal apogee of human endeavour - a spacecraft, just lifted from a foreign celestial body, journeying home to that blue smudge hanging in the blackness beyond. Have you ever seen anything so achingly analogue? No, forget analogue - this is borderline steampunk - crumpled paper-thin skin, a guidance system with less computing power than your labradoodle's pacemaker and the perfect b [...]

  • Commander Vance Peterson has been stuck on a base on the moon for two years together with eight other astronauts after the Earth annihilated itself in nuclear war. Each astronaut is handling the difficult situation in their own way. A strange device made during WW2 enables the castaways to find alternate Earths in the sky. When they finally see an undamaged Earth, with a space station in orbit around it, the astronauts must find a way to leave the moon and get help from the other Earth.Adrift In [...]

  • Adrift of the Sea of Rains follows the decaying fortunes of a group of American astronauts stationed on the Moon in alternate-historical version of the late Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union have, in this timeline, done the unthinkable, and nuked each other (and the rest of the world) to oblivion. While this might ultimately doom the stranded astronauts, they have in their possession a Nazi Wunderwaffe called the Bell, which can cycle through "evolutions--alternate dimensions in a phy [...]

  • Interesting hard-SF novella that it's a must read if you are, like me, fascinated by the Apollo program.

  • Sales's novella is very Hard SF one, but as it becomes clear rather quickly it is set in an Alternate History. This may seem like being a contradiction, but Sales manages to make it work very well. Interestingly it is neither the Hard SF nor the Alternate History elements that are the best thing in this story. What stands out most is the feeling of desolation and claustrophobia that Sales conveys through his writing. There is an underlying tension to the whole of this, that together with the chi [...]

  • I’ve read a few short stories and a Space Opera novel by Ian Sales and I find his writing to be enjoyable and informative so I was looking forward to reading this book. I’m not going to get too technical with my review. Mainly because I’m not very good at that, but mainly because Lavie Tidhar does it much better than I could in his review. Instead I’ll go with my usual simplistic style.I’m going to start by saying something controversial. Ian Sales reminds me of J.R.R. Tolkein. Don’t [...]

  • This novella is a love letter to the space program. The descriptions of the lunar landscape are beautiful and Sales' descriptions of rocket flight are truly empathic. The science behind mankind's voyages to the stars are described in detail that borders on pornography--the spacesuits and the walks across the lunar seas, the Velcro shoes used in the station's one sixth Earth gravity and the empty bands of radio that the stranded astronauts hopelessly scan. This isn't the space travel of space ope [...]

  • Colonel Vance Peterson and colleagues are stranded on their moon base, trying to find a way home. Well, not ‘home’ exactly, because the Earth they knew has been destroyed in nuclear war. Rather, the crew of Falcon Base are using a piece of mysterious Nazi technology to reveal alternate versions of Earth from branching points in history, in the hope that one will be hospitable – and that they’ll be able to travel there.What I knew in advance about Ian Sales’ fiction was that he was inte [...]

  • The general scenario for this had me from the offset - A small group of men, engineers, scientists, military, stranded on the moon as the Earth dies in a nuclear holocaust. The once 'Big Blue Marble' is just a dead grey orb. The only hope of salvation lies with a 'gadget' that may help them find an alternative/parallel Earth. If they succeed, though, will they be able to reach it with their limited resources and what kind of Earth will they find?This is a tightly written and tense, atmospheric b [...]

  • If British science fiction has been in the doldrums of late, then perhaps Ian Sales is launching it - almost single-handedly - back into orbit. Adrift is hard as nails, grim and bleak as well as full of the joy and wonder of frontier exploration. Peterson and his fellows, exiles on the moon, disintegrate both physically and mentally just as their Earth has done, and the packed paragraphs reflect the claustrophobic nature of the story. The accuracy of the detail in the science and research is hig [...]

  • Just as Sales promised, Adrift on the Sea of Rains does not include implausible special effects or over-the-top space-operatics. A very deliberate choice by the author, the story could easily have contained some big explosions or 'pulse-pounding' action scenes. There is no shortage of such stories in science fiction. Some of the events are quite dramatic but the distance to the characters, Sales' acronym laden prose, and the way in which he writes dialogues makes the drama appear understated. It [...]

  • This was an intriguing little book about a group of astronauts stranded on the moon when the US and USSR go to nuclear war and destroy the world. However, they also have a Nazi-made (?) device that lets them slip between alternate worlds. They are hunting for a world that hasn't destroyed itself; one where the US still exists and has a space program. And preferably before they run out of food or go crazy (there's already been several suicides). But will they find what they are looking for?I won' [...]

  • A self-published book by a writer who is attempting 'hard' science fiction which obeys the laws of physics as we understand them and skilfully blends in actual past events with fictional past events and a possible future - complete with references. I do not want to say more so as not to spoil the surprise - although I guessed what was going on before the end and so felt it ended rather suddenly with the 'reveal'. However, it is not a long book and I read it in two sittings. It certainly kept my [...]

  • Yes. Excellent gripping, eerie SF thriller. It's hugely geeky about Apollo and hypersonic craft detail, which nicely balances the more speculative element of the story. There's a convincing sense of the strangeness and isolation of the moon. A great cliffhanger, too - can't wait to read part two, which is out very soon (January 2013).

  • "He knows enough about the ALM to know that the APS is not as powerful as a CSM’s Service Propulsion System. Even at one hundred percent—and that is the APS’s only setting—it will need to fire for longer to give him the necessary Δv for TEI. Even though the ALM weighs around a sixth of a CSM." WTF ?that's some hard sci fi for you, but includes appendices.taut novella, well-written.

  • Great, crisp, stylish if bleak little novellette. It's a what-if-the-Apollo-programme-continued story with added Nazi weird science. Beautifully done - recommended and a bargain price too.

  • Que facada no coração! Ian Sales pega no sentimento mais bonito do ser humano: esperança, esmaga-o, deita-o ao chão e ainda pisa-o! O_O Venha mais FC assim :)

  • Adrift On The Sea Of RainsOkay, in all fairness I will give this book a five in initially breathing life back into the images of space flight as we know it. But I truly don't understand the praises given without any real reviews about the story being told and the content and continuity. And with all the five and four star reviews you would expect someone would have more to say than good job in two or less paragraphs. There really seems to be only one person who had more than that to say.I reall [...]

  • I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a review.This is a science-fiction/alternate-history/fantasy mash-up with a largish side of infodump.The story is post-nuclear-armageddon told from the perspective of Colonel Vance Peterson, USAF (United States Air Force), who is a complete tool. The story revolves around Peterson and we switch between "now" and flashbacks that explain how things came to be. It's hard to say more without getting into spoiler territory.I didn't like Peterson, you're [...]

  • The basic premise of the story sounded interesting, but unfortunately it's all downhill from there. Ever find yourself having trouble suspending your disbelief because you didn't know exactly how many buttons were on a console in a spaceship? Me either, but apparently that's the sort of thing the author thought was important to this story. I've read and enjoyed hard sci-fi before, but although this story goes into minute details such as which page number in a manual some info is on, or a step by [...]

  • A quick listen to an overall entertaining story, but it's definitely not consistent. By far the biggest problem I had with this was the too-intrusive acronym explanations. I think that a simple way to get across the same point would be to use the full term the first time, and then the acronym after that. Also, there were quite a few acronyms that didn't need to be expanded (e.g. AFB). Sure, not every reader will know what all of these terms mean, but this is book is going to appeal only to a ver [...]

  • I really liked this novella. It's playing with some clever ideas, has good characters and an interesting ending. I'll definitely check out book two in the quartet. From the first page, you realize that you are in another version of our world. There is something off and it becomes clearer as we progress through the story. The main characters are all astronauts and Ian creates a great sense of loneliness as they drift along in space. Also, the world building is rich even though the story is short. [...]

  • The more I think about it then the more I appreciate this novella. It is short but packs a great deal in, and it is well-written (despite all the acronyms - it came as a great surprise when I discovered that half of the book is an explanation of the acronyms and a glossary of the "technical" bits). I felt that the ending was predictable (and that was slightly disappointing) but then I realised that after a good many decades of reading Science Fiction and having watched "The Twilight Zone" series [...]

  • Competent alternate history, which is mostly enjoyable because of the massive amount of NASA nerdery. Though props to the author for starting the series with such an unlikable protagonist (the kind of man who thinks he's the best ever, but is clearly not someone who should be in charge of a gas station, let alone a moon base). The tech conceit was a bit handwavey, but it got the story where it was going, and I enjoyed how it unfolded.

  • A alternate history SF novella of men on the moon observing the wars down on Earth. The story is good and interesting. The writing leans more on the descriptive and introspection side. It is a quick read and overall entertaining. Fans of hard SF will most likely enjoy this novella.

  • Cool idea for a story, very enjoyable. I took a star off because it is almost boringly technical in places Nothing but a slew of acronyms for pages and pages. Ignore the heavily technical stuff and there's a great story in here.

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