Ransom SOPHIA Months A lot can happen in six months A heart can break and heal countless times A life can change so dramatically that it s unrecognizable any Sophia was a ghost a made up pseudonym on a fa

  • Title: Ransom
  • Author: Callie Hart
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  • Page: 102
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  • SOPHIA 6 Months A lot can happen in six months A heart can break and heal countless times A life can change so dramatically that it s unrecognizable any Sophia was a ghost, a made up pseudonym on a fake ID that helped Alexis buy beer She was never meant to become a real person She was never meant to live Breathe Hurt Love It s funny how one moment can alter thSOPHIA 6 Months A lot can happen in six months A heart can break and heal countless times A life can change so dramatically that it s unrecognizable any Sophia was a ghost, a made up pseudonym on a fake ID that helped Alexis buy beer She was never meant to become a real person She was never meant to live Breathe Hurt Love It s funny how one moment can alter the course of a lifetime Now Alexis is a ghost, and Sophia is all that remains But what happens when the threats you re terrified to acknowledge come true What happens when your loved ones are in danger, and facing the past is the only way to save them The newest prospect of the Widow Makers Motorcycle club is about to find out REBEL Louis James Aubertin III has always been single minded in his goal bring down the Los Oscuros cartel, and kill Hector Ramirez for ordering the death of his uncle Over the course of the last 6 months, things don t seem that cut and dried any, though If chasing down Hector means endangering the woman he loves, is it really worth the risk If sending his club to war against one of the most dangerous cartels in the world means ruining the one good thing in his life, is the price worth paying Jamie will do anything to protect Sophia, but with Hector kidnapping her family members and demanding the greatest of ransoms, keeping her safe is beginning to seem like an impossible task.

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    Callie Hart Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ransom book, this is one of the most wanted Callie Hart author readers around the world.


  • "The power of such a love constantly feels like it’s about to overwhelm me, rob me of my senses, take what little control I have left within me and dash it into pieces. And it feels incredible."Ransom is the third book in the Dead Man's Ink Series. I am thoroughly addicted to this series as it is full of non-stop action, smoking hot steam, a plot that doesn't stop, and complex characters! Callie Hart is like an enchantress drawing me in with every word she writes! "No one has ever made me feel [...]

  • I have said it before and I say it again. Rebel is my all time favorite MC president. He is the total package. One hell of a badass!!RebelWith Hector Ramirez causing trouble again, Rebel has to make some pretty difficult decisions to protect Sophia and his club. Just like with the other books in this series, it's fast paced and a lot of action. We get inside Cade's head in this one. I am hoping that he will be getting his book also. Another one just becauseIf you haven't met Rebel yet, you are m [...]

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewCallie Hart is one of those authors who can easily hold her readers hostage with her gritty and suspenseful prose. And in this third installment to theDead Man’s Ink Series, Ms. Hart delivers a gritty, violent, raw, and wildly sexy romance that will have readers holding onto their breath as we are thrown once again in a whirlwind of duplicity, violence, death, and a war brewing between cartels and a MC.Ransom picks off where it last left o [...]

  • 4.5 StarsSix months after the ending of Rogue, we are back with Rebel/Jamie and the Widow Makers Motorcycle Club. With a strong foundation in place, Rebel and Sophia continue to move forward together with the ongoing issues affecting the club. However, Sophia isn’t prepared for the cartel’s latest tactic and it tests her bond with Jamie. “It will all be worth it. I can see it now, and so can she.”Cade is Jamie’s closest friend and they are practically brothers. After growing up and ser [...]

  • I love Dead Man's Ink series just as much as I loved Blood & Roses !Oh MY Goodness, this series just keeps getting better and better! As a whole, Ransom is just as strong as the first two books in the series. The story continues where Rogue left off and it sucked me in from the very beginning.Sophia/Alexis has now a dual role: Prospect for the MC and Rebel’s girlfriend. It’s been six months since Rebel/Jamie found her. When Alan Romera (Sophia’s dad) is abducted by the psycho Hector Ra [...]

  • Wow,Wow,Wow i just got my preoder and the blurb,im shaking now,though since i havent finished Blood and Roses siries im kinda confused was Sloan kidnaped too? Cause Zeth woud make pancakes outa Hector,im wandering if i shoud finish Blodd and Roses before geting on with this one for that reoson

  • 4.5 starsThe idea of Sophia prospecting with the Widow Makers was laughable but this book was still a fun read and more comedic than book two of this series. Three POVs, action, messy drama, Rebel's filthy tongue, and the psychotic Maria Rosa made this one of my fav stories in this series!

  • I author crush on Callie Hart, so it's no surprise this is another 5 star read's just how it is. She writes, I read, I love, I rate, I wait, I stalk, I preorder, and I read again. I'm thrilled this book was not the last in the series and thrilled there is more story to tell (even though as a superfan of the Blood and Roses series I know what happens next). eeek!So, I'm back to waitingd stalkingd hopefully soon a preorder for more of Soph and Jamie's story.

  • Sophie's story is a hard one, but one I have been curious to read, this is such a good series! Sophie and Rebel's story continues to unfold in Ransom, the third book in the Dead Man's Ink series. It's a surreal series to follow because the story being told fills in the reasons as to why they had stayed quiet for so long. Their silence initially appeared cruel but the reasoning for doing so is glaringly obvious.Again, the focus is for the main characters to overcome their personal issues and cont [...]

  • Callie Hart does it again!! This was another awesome book to add to the series. Rebel is as amazing as ever and I fall in love with him just a little bit more with every story. I love watching Sophia grow and become this incredibly strong and capable woman. She is perfect for Rebel!! This book shows us the kidnap of Alan Romera (Sophia's father), which forces Sophia to admit her true identity to Rebel. She can no longer run from who she used to be. Instead of pushing them apart, the truth just p [...]

  • 2.5 stars this book dragged in certain areas. -1star Took too long to publish & that's extra awful when it's a serial. -1 star Not sure if I'll continue the series it depends on how quickly the author publishes.

  • I was given this book an exchange for a honest review. Spoiler Ahead Read At Your Own Risk.This was book three in the "Dead Man's Ink Series" It's been six months since Rebel rescued Alexis "Sophia" from Julio and the death of Raphael Dela Vega and they are in love. I love reading this series and I have loved Rebel since he showed up "Blood and Roses" series. Sophia is now a prospect for the Widow Makers and she is doing the things that prospects do like cleaning the clubhouse and making breakfa [...]

  • I hate waiting for Callie Hart's books to come out.I just want to move on to the next one and read it! Just waiting for Zeth to show up. And that better be in the next book.(view spoiler)[ That part, when Sophie goes into Jamie's office and sees that file on Zeth, does Jamie know about Sophie's sister, Sloan being involved with Zeth? Or have Sloan and Zeth not met, beyond that hot steamy night in the hotel because I'm positive that has happened already, yet?I'm so confused on the timeline of bot [...]

  • 3.5 starsIt pains me to only give this 3.5 stars but it just felt unfinished. I loved Rebel but Sophie just wasn't one of my favourite héroïnes. There just were so many unanswered questions and half truths. And oh god Cade better get his own story!!! I think I'll have to go back and read the Blood and Roses series and look for some answers in there. ;)

  • 5 plus fantastic book. Goddamn what a fantastic mc seriestally loved itese three book in series about mc prezident rebel and adorable kickass heroine sophie read excellent seriesese books are straightly goes to my favourite shelf and will be stay with me forever

  • Callie! Callie! Callie! What are you doing to me?This series just keeps me guessing over and over again. Just when I think I know what's going to happen, Ms Hart throws another spanner in the works. Rebel/Jamie is still sexy AF, in fact I can confidently say he's even more so as his relationship with Sophia progresses. I'm having a serious fictional crush on him. Sophia on the other hand is a little harder to love, but love her I do. Yes she's as stubborn as they get and just won't do as she's t [...]

  • Ransom is book 3 in the Dead Man's Ink series which follows Sophia and Rebel on their many interesting travels which are ALWAYS full of action, trouble and lots of smoking hot sexy scenes. The story picks up 6 months after Rogue's ending. For those 6 month Sophia has lived and breathed The Widow Maker's MC building a stronger bond with Rebel and everyone in the club. After hearing about her fathers kidnapping Sophia is dead set on helping bring him home. That's all I'm going to say, I'm not spoi [...]

  • So. F*cking. Good!Oh my my, Miss Callie Hart never fails to amaze me with her flawless, wonderful, out-of-this-world writing. Ransom picks up where Rouge left off and it sucks you right back into Rebel and Soph/Alexis' story. Gritty, at times raw and violent but also sexy and I'd say even romantic in its own way. Well, everything you may be expecting from the author and hell, does she deliver. I love this story so much, I hope it never ends. So good, I don't even mind these books not being lengt [...]

  • If you loved Blood and Roses, then you would love this series! It's dark, dirty, sexy as hell! I LOVE the tying in of Blood and Roses, genius! I can't wait till the next book!

  • Title: RansomAuthor: Callie HartSeries: Dead Man's Ink #3Genre: biker/crime romanceRating: ****The best aspect of this trilogy is seeing Sophia's character development, growing from a sheltered girl into a strong woman, getting in on all the action and refusing to be left behind. One of Hart's strengths is in writing interesting female characters who can hold their own in a highly anti-female world, partly through their relationships but also by their own right, too. That being said, I don't fee [...]

  • DNF. After a week of reading, I couldn't get through the book. It's not that it was so bad but I just lost interest and didn't care about the outcome. I usually will read a book in a couple of days but after a week, I have given up. Below is my assessment of the book. PROS- good sex scenesCONS- I got 55% through the book and nothing has happened. We find out about one kidnapping and that is it. This series is probably going to be like the Blood and Roses series where there are 6 books when it sh [...]

  • I love this series!!!! Rebel and Sophia are back and boy have I missed them. Following on from the last book, Ransom is full of action, twists and turns and it's unbelievably hot. With Rebels enemies closing in, he has to make some pretty difficult decisions. Determined to do whatever it takes to protect Sophia and her family, he goes full steam ahead with his could-go-either-way plan. Like all the books in this series, it's very faced paced. The rollercoaster twists will keep you guessing and l [...]

  • Even better then the lastMy oh my, Callie did not disappoint! This book gets you even deeper into the crazy that is Rebel and Sophie's life. The things you learn from the past that haunt Rebel, the ever deepening love between the two. You get to hear about Cade and some other favorite characters of Callie's. This is all a recipe for a deliciously sexy, crazy as crazy can be, twisting story. That leaves you begging for more.Sallie Hart you never disappoint!!

  • Really Really Enjoyed this book. I immediately fell in love reading Blood & Roses series and it's happened just as quick with the Dead Man's Ink series. I absolutely love Rebel and Sophia. I get the idea that there will be more of Dead Man's Ink and I really hope that there is. Love Rebel and the Widow Makers MC.

  • After it has been awhile since I've read book 2 but I totally forgot everything that has happened. 1/2 way through I just couldn't get into this book and just decided to end there. Nothing was really even happening at that point

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