Miss Match

Miss Match Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn t want to hire his best friend Brooke as his matchmaker Not when he s been in love with her for eight years Too bad she doesn t see him as relationship material and

  • Title: Miss Match
  • Author: Lindzee Armstrong
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: ebook
  • Billionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn t want to hire his best friend, Brooke, as his matchmaker Not when he s been in love with her for eight years Too bad she doesn t see him as relationship material and is engaged to another man If the matchmaking company she works for closes, Brooke is out of a job, and Luke is out a best friend There will be nothing stopping her from moBillionaire CEO Luke Ryder doesn t want to hire his best friend, Brooke, as his matchmaker Not when he s been in love with her for eight years Too bad she doesn t see him as relationship material and is engaged to another man If the matchmaking company she works for closes, Brooke is out of a job, and Luke is out a best friend There will be nothing stopping her from moving to Italy with her fianc And Luke isn t about to let that happen.Brooke s dream career may be crumbling, and she will do anything to keep Toujour in the black Even recruit Luke, America s favorite bachelor, as her next client Surely his perfect smile and swollen bank account will send clients swarming to their doors But when matching up Luke works a little too well, Brooke wonders if she s with the right man Maybe she should finally forget Luke s playboy image and admit he s changed All Brooke has to decide is if she s willing to risk her heart.

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    Lindzee Armstrong is the USA Today bestselling author of the No Match for Love and Sunset Plains Romance series She met her match while attending a university, although she was technically in high school at the time She and Mr Armstrong became engaged quickly, and fell in love even quicker He wasn t a high school student, but still thoughtfully offered to take her to prom in her wedding dress She declined Wearing the wedding dress before the Big Day just seemed weird A few years after getting married, they welcomed twin boys into the world Lindzee loves chick flicks, ice cream, and chocolate, like any true romantic She believes in sigh worthy kisses and happily ever afters.


  • I wanted to like this book more than I did. Its not the writing, cause it was great. I guess it was because I had trouble liking the heroine. Luke has been in love with her since high school but she stuck him in the friend zone. I can see why since he was a bit of a player. But she made all these rules and if he breaks one he gets the silent treatment. She kinda comes across as too controlling to be a friend. Then she lets her boyfriend dictate who she can be friends with.So, basically she is th [...]

  • Loved this one! Fun story-line. There were a couple times the story lagged a little and I wished it would move on at a faster pace (Brooke was so darn stubborn) but overall very enjoyable.Content: Clean, no sex, no language, no innuendo. There is however some implied content although never any details, you just know that is the lifestyle they are living - Luke is a player and sleeps around, Brooke spends nights at her fiancee's place, Luke gets drunk and picks up women at bars.

  • There's just something fun about matchmaking books that I really enjoy reading them! Maybe it takes me back to all the fun(ok maybe more stress) of the college dating scene and trying to survive some of those crazy dates that everyone sets you up on. Hee Hee! There were fun ones amidst the crazy ones for sure, like the elimi-date that I went on(it was for a good cause, a charity fundraiser) or the scavenger hunt where we ended up breaking down in the vehicle and trying to figure out how to fix i [...]

  • Audio review I just finished the prequel (which I would highly recommend reading/listening to first so the reader is up to speed) where I met the main characters and the situation. It was cute, but also showed that there would be tough times for romance between the main players to win out so in I dove for the rest of the story. This story takes place eight years after the prequel. Some things haven't changed while others? Brooke has her friend rules clutched tightly before her keeping Luke at th [...]

  • I'm not sure what to say about this one. I enjoyed the prequel I read a few weeks ago, Meet Your Match and seeing how Luke and Brooke met, but I wasn't entirely happy with how the story plays out. Firstly, I have to say, I thought the book was well written. It kept me interested and I wanted to continue reading to see how things would play out, I just didn't love the plot. Actually, to be specific, I like friends to lovers stories, just not when its done like this. Brooke and Luke have been BFFs [...]

  • Started this right after the novella prequeljust didn't want to pursue it when right off the bat in the first chapter Luke is heading to the bar to drown his sorrows, meets up with an ex-girlfriend they start drinking and he is about to go home with her when his BFF shows up and drags him home

  • What a sweet story about long time friends realizing they're in love. Actually it was the girl realizing she had fallen for her best friend. Luke sounds like the perfect boyfriend and not just because he's gorgeous and a billionaire. He's thoughtful, knows how to make you laugh and is always there when you need him. I think deep down in her heart Brooke knew she was in love with Luke, but was scared to admit it. Her parents' divorce, because of her dad's affair, really messed her up, and her mom [...]

  • I have to admit that I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down and read it in one night - HOWEVER - it also frustrated me SO-SO much! Unlike it's prequel "Meet your match", I thought this book was more suitable for older teenagers and young adults rather than younger readers. It was clean in the sense that there were no sex scenes, but it was implied that the main characters were in sexual relationships.I was quite eager to find out what happened between Brooke and Luke after they beca [...]

  • Miss Match (No Match for Love #1)Spoilersdiikeiii.wordpress/2017Miss Match, was actually a good book. I was rooting for Luke to get his girl, and finally, he did. Took Brooke, long enough to actually give into her feelings and actually go for what she wants, and in the beginning, I figured that her future ex-husband (may as well to say this) was cheating on Brooke it was just that feeling that I had. Glad, that Luke, and Brooke got together in the end, and Andi, was a good person to use to win B [...]

  • I liked this book. I was engaged and I couldn't help but keep on reading even when I was frustrated to no end by Brooke. And that was pretty much the whole book. I don't think the guys in this book had a fair deal and I honestly couldn't see what they loved so much about Brooke. She frustrated them both. Or maybe she just frustrated me? I don't know. I liked this but I didn't. But I did. Ha.Content: There are references to people sleeping around and sexual relationships. Nothing is described in [...]

  • A really cute story of good friends turning into something more. Brooke and Luke have been best friends for a long time and Luke knows he loves Brooke but he's afraid to let her know. It was fun to read how they got past the obstacles, how Luke learned to grow up and Brooke discovered her true feelings. Now I want to read Mitch and Zoey's story.

  • After his father has passed away, leaving the title of CEO to him, Luke Ryder feels like his life is spinning out of control. Turning to alcohol to numb his pain and turning to all the wrong women to ease the emptiness in his heart, Luke tries really hard to get over the real problem that he has been dealing with for the last 8 years: Brooke. His best friend Brooke is getting married to the perfect Italian and everyday it breaks his heart. Brooke is so adamant about keeping their status as frien [...]

  • This was such a delightfully fun book to read. Here’s what I liked about it. I really liked Luke’s character. He is your typical rich rogue who does what he likes just because he can. These kind of characters can bug me at times, but the author did a great job of making me like him quite quickly. She shows his deepest desire, and how he really isn’t the person he pretends to be. Brooke has been Luke’s best friend since high school, but when he wanted to further their relationship, she se [...]

  • I loved this book! It is fun, witty and romantic. Lots of humor too. I loved the characters of Luke and Brooke. The character Charlotte is a hoot with her trying to say american sayings and getting them all wrong. I even liked Zoey and Andie! I didn't like Antonio. Antonio seemed like he had something to hide from the very beginning and was too bossy and demanding. The author, Lindzee Armstrong did a fantastic job on this book! It is well written and I found it totally charming. It is a clean re [...]

  • Armstrong doesn't disappoint with this romance. Brooke thinks she has found Mr. Right but Luke's recent struggles with the death of his father threaten her relationship. The perfect solution to her own issues at work force her to face her true feelings about her best friend. The will they/won't they tension is the perfect blend of character and story that will leave you tingling with anticipation if the story will work out in Happily Ever After for all involved. The problems that Brooke and Luke [...]

  • Lindzee did a fantastic job making me feel like I was right there in the story. The detail, the emotion, and the relationships were so vivid. Luke and Brooke were both great characters who played well off each other, and their friends were a great support them as they fought through their trials.While Antonio is everything that Brooke thinks she wants, he was just exactly the right amount of slimeball that made me want her to go running back to Luke. He does his best to make her happy, even as s [...]

  • This book was such a fun and easy read. I really got into the book and loved the characters. I couldn't put this book down! If you are looking for a good love story you need to read this!

  • 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the intro novella to this story, and there were things I liked about this book as well. And things I didn't like as much. Still I stayed up late to finish it.

  • "Miss Match" was a wonderful tale by Lindzee Armstrong. This lovely story sets the stage for the future novels to come, it helps the readers to see a little behind the scenes action of what let to the original stories. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this little slip into the past, for it truly shows us the how and why the characters developed into the roles that they did.

  • I struggled reading this. The writing was phenomenal, but the story, however, I don't think I can say the same. I had a love-hate thing with the characters. It's hard for me to connect or at least sympathize with the character since they made idiotic, reckless, and selfish decisions.

  • This was a good fun story. It's clean, no sex but it's implied. It's not what I thought it'd turn out to be but it was good none the less. I received an ARC for an honest review of this book.

  • **Rating: 4 out of 5 stars**((I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review))Mild spoilers aheadI really enjoyed this book! I have gone through the reviews of the other readers, and I’ll have to agree - the pacing of the book is a bit slow. Brooke seems quite content with Antonio, and doesn’t begin to question her platonic relationship, as best BEST friends, with Luke, until, like, about half of the book is over. Note how I said ‘question’. Not reciprocate her feelings. [...]

  • Friend Zone Rules, Penalties, and ObligationsBillionaire CEO throws himself at his engaged best friend and girl he loves while she attempts to set him up with other women to save her job.Brooke is engaged. Luke is in love with her. They are best friends. He agrees that she can set him up to save her job. Can Brooke keep from falling for him and keep her fiance appeased with that friendship all while Luke is pursuing her and seeing the women she sets him up with all under the scrutiny of the papa [...]

  • received a free copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review.Brook and Luke are best friends and that is all Brook will allow. She set the rules back in high school and has kept them ever since. Besides, she could never trust him, especially now that his dad has died and he's let himself become rather a mess. Too much drinking and women, and too little attention to business.Brook is doing well in her chosen profession of matchmaker for a world based matchmaking service. In fact she has e [...]

  • Delightful! Fun!The story is about Luke, a billionaire, and Brooke, a matchmaker. Luke is in love with her, but she is engaged to Antonio. How to win her over?At the beginning I didn’t like Luke. Out of control, drinking too much… I found it hard to really FEEL the story and I felt disappointed. I thought: ‘this is not my world’. But isn’t reading (among other things) about expanding your world? So I decided to give it a real try. And despite myself, after a while, I started to get int [...]

  • Do yourself a favor and buy all of Lindzee Armstrong's books in this series at the same time. I was so happy I could read them all back to back, though each one can be read as a stand alone book. They were quick, well put together stories, that had me staying up late and wanting more. In fact the rumor is, she's working on Zooey's tale next. Excited!If you like well developed, thoughtful characters, who need a little kick in the pants to work out their love lives, then you are in the right place [...]

  • I received a complimentary copy of this book and voluntary provided an honest review,I really loved this story, it was really well, written and touched my heart as Luke had lost his father to Lung cancer and i have just also lost mine. So i could sympathize with his character why he went off the rails a bit.Luke had been in love with his childhood sweetheart for 8 years right through collage and to see her with Antonio must of really broke his heart. Brooke was a career girl and she had her sigh [...]

  • I just can't get into this one. The whole beginning and the premise was frustrating and everyone acting out of character, things being unrealistic, and not a single character that I like so far (except maybe Zoey) characters that I don't like. Maybe if I had read the prequel and was invested in the characters I would hang in there, but there are so many red flags already and with the book being almost 400 pages Very disappointing. DNF.Content (for the portion I did read): Drinking, suggestive co [...]

  • Clean Modern RomanceMs. Armstrong's modern romance is a clean, fun read. This story is a good reminder that sometimes it's hard to see what's right in front of you, and sometimes even harder to act when the glaring truth is revealed. Love is a risk, but it's certainly one worth taking. Thanks for the enjoyable read Ms. Armstrong!

  • BrookeI generally liked this book, but Brooke was very aggravating at times. I want to say more but do not wish to spoil anything!

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