When The Circus Came To Town

When The Circus Came To Town Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B F T ZVC The Bosci Expo is coming to town Tony Brazil and his best friend Paul can hardly wait But what they don t know is that this circus is bringing with it

  • Title: When The Circus Came To Town
  • Author: Deborah McClatchey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate new cover edition for ASIN B00F2T1ZVC.The Bosci Expo is coming to town Tony Brazil and his best friend Paul, can hardly wait But what they don t know is that this circus is bringing with it a cursed little being The old ventriloquist, Pomroy Prettygut, once again has to clean up after the dummy s handiwork He has had it with the little wooden man s appetitesAlternate new cover edition for ASIN B00F2T1ZVC.The Bosci Expo is coming to town Tony Brazil and his best friend Paul, can hardly wait But what they don t know is that this circus is bringing with it a cursed little being The old ventriloquist, Pomroy Prettygut, once again has to clean up after the dummy s handiwork He has had it with the little wooden man s appetites for human strength, but is resigned to the fact he must live with the creature until the curse is satisfied A boy turns up missing along with Hank Budd, the town bully Paul is worried for his sister because she too, has not returned home from the circus Tony and Paul try to investigate the disappearances which lead them into near disaster Have they all met with the same fate What is going on with the peculiar Bosci Expo Is there a killer in the circus or is he on the loose

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  • Deborah McClatchey

    Deborah was born and raised in California She loves to write stories about teens and horror Romance with twists of suspense Erotica is a sideline that can be quite delicious.Her romances run along the lines of a Lifetime Movie For Women Grab a cup of tea or even a martini , sit back and enjoy the ride.


  • I really liked this story. it took me back in time, making me wonder what it would be like to be a young boy, investigating the disappearance of friends and neighbors, as a traveling circus comes to town. The characters we're well thought out and the story moved at a brisk pace. It's a short read, easily finished in one sitting, and lots of fun.

  • This book is not very good. I mean, it's a horror story, and it bored me to tears. I just couldn't give a fuck about the characters in this story. I wanted them dead. I wanted to see them torn to pieces, and eaten alive.Perhaps it's because I like real horror, not subtle horror. This book is more like Stephen King horror, which to some may be a compliment, but to me, it's an insult. Because I fucking hate Stephen King books. His early work was good, but after a few stories, he just got soft.This [...]

  • Stephen King's IT is one of the scariest novels of all time, and Pennywise one of the scariest characters. Deborah McClatchney's WHEN THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN is obviously inspired by IT (and Pennywise), but it is no copycat. Think of Deborah's book as IT's little brother as opposed to any kind of intrusion on King's masterpiece. It is also well-written, terrifically frightening, and the cover is one of the best I have seen in a very long time. Highly recommended.

  • I always found clowns and circuses for that matter, to be rather sinister and so this theme and these characters are ripe for a good horror story. A cursed creature, a dummy is on the rampage needing to satisfy its blood lust Or is it the dummy at all? People go missing and suspicions are raised. If you liked Stephen King's It or the Child Play series of films then this should surely satisfy. It's a short book that'll have you desperate for more.

  • Stand by Me meets Circus of HorrorsI so enjoyed this book. An alcoholic ventriloquist and a ‘person’ cursed to live out the rest of his days in the wooden body of the ventriloquist’s dummy, feeding on the energy of the people he kills. And two 13-year-old best friends, Tony and Paul, who set out to find out exactly what’s going on at the Bosci Expo circus.What I like about this story is the merger of small-town America where the same person cut your hair since you were a baby, most peopl [...]

  • Tony and Paul are super excited about the circus carnival coming to town. Tony notices something strange about the ventriloquist act He's sure he saw the puppet move on its own! Little does he know, but the dummy is enchanted and must feed on human souls until his curse is through This was a story reminiscent of a Goosebumps book (perhaps Night of the Living Dummy?). Although the story was deceptively simple, there was a fairly high body count so this might be more of a YA book than middle grade [...]

  • While the plot of this story is intriguing, the writing did nothing to hold my attention. My first impression: it read like a horror story for young readers. However, the creepy cover and one or two more gruesome scenes hint at an adult target group, and as such it did not work. The dialogues were really simple and the storyline held no surprises or suspense at all. Then, when I expected the book to end, there was still another chapter to go which for the most part was unrelated to the previous [...]

  • I love scary stories, and “When the Circus Came to Town” fills the bill. Everything you suspected about the sinister goings on of circuses comes true as children disappear and an old ventriloquist’s dummy gains momentum. A curse must be satisfied, but at what cost? If you’re into a good fright, this book is for you!

  • The horror of missing children will chill you in Deborah McClatchey's "When The Circus Came To Town." Perfect for Halloween or whenever you need a good scare. But look under your bed first to make sure there's no ventriloquist's dummy waiting there. Dark and dripping with menace, the prose fits the cover perfectly. Read it if you dare.

  • Thrilling novel full of suspense for older children or adults. My eldest granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed this story.

  • Quite a quick and fast paced read. I really liked this story about the ventriloquist and his puppet. Especially the end was quite interesting and cries out for a follow up! If you want to read an eerie story or be prepared the next time circus comes to your town this is the book for it. I can clearly recommend this little horror tale!

  • This horror book is a good read. One of those books that's hard to put down, the scariness is subtle, it just creeps up on you and you can visualize what is going on. McClatchey did well switching from character to character so the reader could get the feel for what was happening to everyone, that gave it an excitement that you don't find anywhere but in a movie. Really good job.My only observation is that it seems like the book was set in the fifties - the boys saying "neat" and "gosh," riding [...]

  • Perfect for Halloween!Not a fan of horror, I found myself fascinated with the story nevertheless, chilled to the bone by the disappearance of the kids and the other happenings around the mysterious circus. Well-written and well thought out, the story was fast-paced, alive with vivid characters. A great reading!

  • As if clowns aren't scary enough at it is, one that is a ventriloquist's dummy can be even more frightful. This story reminded me in some ways of "Chucky." Creepy little wooden man causes deadly trouble wherever he goes. Spooky from the start, it gets stranger as you discover more of Waldo's secrets. It will leave you tingling right to the very end. Great little horror story.

  • Well-written and well thought out, the story was fast-paced with great characters with a vivid story line. A great suspense story for kids that will enjoy - my children thoroughly enjoyed this book and they look forward to more books from this author. Recommended.

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