A Memory Worth Dying for

A Memory Worth Dying for Marti Rushing gets the message loud and clear If she returns to Texas her life is in danger If she stays in Tennessee she s safe But when she receives a letter telling her that Daniel her ex husba

  • Title: A Memory Worth Dying for
  • Author: Joanie Bruce
  • ISBN: 9781620202531
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marti Rushing gets the message, loud and clear If she returns to Texas, her life is in danger If she stays in Tennessee, she s safe But when she receives a letter telling her that Daniel, her ex husband and the love of her life, is dying, she knows she has to defy the stalker and return to Texas to see him Three years ago, Daniel accused her of things she couldn t remeMarti Rushing gets the message, loud and clear If she returns to Texas, her life is in danger If she stays in Tennessee, she s safe But when she receives a letter telling her that Daniel, her ex husband and the love of her life, is dying, she knows she has to defy the stalker and return to Texas to see him Three years ago, Daniel accused her of things she couldn t remember doing Without waiting for an explanation and after four wonderful years of marriage, Daniel kicks her off of his family s Quarter Horse ranch Now, three years after their separation, he walks into her art reception in Tennessee and acts like he doesn t remember her Does the memory loss have anything to do with the letter she received, or is Daniel pretending Is he the one stalking her, or is it someone with a deadly, sinister motive Ignoring the deadly warnings, she leaves for Texas, but on the way there, the attempts on her life begin Will she be able to evade her pursuer s attacks Or will Daniel s.

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  • Joanie Bruce

    Writing has always been my passion After writing picture books for my children and mysteries for friends with teenagers, I finally found what I love writing the most suspense books As an avid reader, I felt the transition from reading to writing was a wonderful new experience, and I absolutely love the joy of pleasing others with words Living on a dairy farm, my husband and I raised three wonderful children I feel so blessed to be able to write books and paint portraits at my home in the country, and I welcome the opportunity to help others find a close relationship with God I strive to use those opportunities to honor Him and please Him with the talents He has given me.


  • Having read a previous book by this author and really enjoyed it I already had expectations of what I might expect to read but you know what? It surpassed them.The first thing I would mention due to the 4 stars not 5 is because I preferred the previous book's storyline.However, this author is brilliant at building suspense and keeping it moving throughout the novel. This is 400 pages and as I braced myself thinking the brilliant and intriguing start could not be maintained I was glad she proved [...]

  • I enjoyed this book. A lot!It’s hard to get me to slow down long enough for something to capture and hold my attention, yet A Memory Worth Dying For did just that.I was gripped from the minute I started the Prologue and read all 397 pages in two sittings. It would have been just one if it had been humanly possible.I loved the intimacy of the characters. They were authentic, genuine, and relatable, but they weren’t perfect. Thank goodness! I could ‘see’ them and felt like I got to know th [...]

  • Characters: Daniel and Marti were fabulous characters to get to know. Both of them have a certain amount of unknowns in their lives. Daniel because of amnesia, and Marti because, well, she wasn’t told why her marriage to Daniel was ending. Marti is quite likable as she goes against the odds of surviving numerous attacks by a stalker and someone who is desperate to keep the truth away from her. The secondary characters of the book were also quite interesting. Gerald (Daniel’s father) with his [...]

  • This novel begins with a tragic car accident. A very pregnant Martha (Marti) Rushing is in a car with her sister-in-law and her sister-in-law's husband. He's driving and looses control. Martha survives but the others do not. Fast forward three years. Marti is living in Tennessee, divorced and an accomplished artist. Due to a concussion from the accident, she has no memory of it. All she remembers is what people said afterward, the horrible things her husband said to her, including that she must [...]

  • This was an unusual storyline. Marti is an artist who has been on the run from a stalker after her husband and his family turn their back on her because of something she has done. Unfortunately, she can't remember what happened because the accident was so bad, she hasobno memory of it. The family is going by something a well respected member of the community has told them. Marti believes that the stalker has something to do with her ex-husband because he was so angry and he still wants to punish [...]

  • It's not often I truly have trouble putting a book down. Yes, I find many books I enjoy, many books I look forward to picking up again. But a book so good I make a deal with my children that I'll cook them lunch if they can find their own breakfast--just so I can finish a book? Yeah, I did that with A Memory Worth Dying For.Anyone that knows me well knows I'm horrible at names! Truly horrible. And this book has a lot of characters to keep up with. Mrs. Bruce did a great job at introducing them s [...]

  • A Memory Worth Dying For by Joanie BruceMarti Rushing has lost so much. A car accident claims the lives of her unborn baby, sister in law and brother in law. Having no memory of the accident she is unable to defend her actions. Her marriage is the next fatality of this accident. Just as she is settled in a new town and getting her life together her husband and stalker return.The author Joanie Bruce did an outstanding job of keeping the action in A Memory Worth Dying For moving. It is fast paced [...]

  • Another great triumph for Joanie Bruce! This story tells an amazing tale of hurt and loss experienced by a woman trying to rebuild her life. The confusion and pain turns to fear and suspense as she is being hunted for reasons she doesn't understand. I love the way the story encourages the main character, along with us as readers, to stop running from the past and to face it to see what God might reveal through it.Again, Joanie does a great job developing her characters and story. You find yourse [...]

  • Lots of drama, suspense and intrigue. . .with just the right amount of spiritual wisdom and sincerity. A Memory Worth Dying For is truly a compelling story – you’re drawn in from start and just when you think the tension might lessen. . ramps up again and grabs you = a genuine page-turner!VERY detailed, the descriptions enable the reader to feel as though they are in the story – excellent writing. The characters well developed and the reader is granted a clear picture of their emotional h [...]

  • I love to find a new author and this is a great one. I had to know what was going on in this story. Why would a marriage that seemed so good end so abruptly. Marti and Daniel had it all and then a tragic accident pulls them apart and they end up leaving each other. Many things continue to happen and then Marti thinks her life is beginning to go in the right direction and then she sees Daniel again. This brings up old feelings. There are many twists and turns and dangers. I received this book fro [...]

  • My honest opinions: I rate this book as 5 out of 5. I got it from the publisher and have all sorts of spoilers :) in my review. (view spoiler)[ Now, generally the romances that I read are historical, with small hardships like maintaining a job as a poor lady or gaining status in society as a rich one, but not so with this book: You have the policemen after murderers and murderers after the innocent all throughout the book! Its terribly suspenseful, really!And another thing that certainly makes i [...]

  • A Memory Worth Dying For by Joanie Bruce was a book that I was very interested in after reading the synopsis. It piqued my interest and left me wondering what exactly was going on in the story. The first few chapters still left me wondering what was going on in the story. I was completely befuddled and simply scratching my head wondering what happened three years ago? You are given a prologue that takes place those three years ago during the accident that ruined Marti’s life; however, the fact [...]

  • This is a new author to me. Why oh why have I not discovered her sooner?? Joanie Bruce has the ability to make my pulse race and my heart throb! Her talent to create a book full of action, suspense and long lasting meaning, is outstanding. I was on the edge of my seat and almost had to have this book pried from hands, in order to get meals and attend to daily activities. I could NOT get this mystery out of my mind! The entire book took me less than two days to read, as I just could not stay focu [...]

  • MY THOUGHTS ON THIS BOOKWhen Marti gets the message not to return to Texas, she realizes that if she does return, her life will be in danger. But when she gets the call that her ex-husband is dying, she has to go see him once more, no matter the danger. Daniel and Martha had such a wonderful marriage, but when an accident happened that was Martha’s fault, their world, as well as their marriage was torn appart, and their lives were changed forever.This is my first book by author Joanie Bruce, a [...]

  • This book opens with a major car wreck, in Texas, and a baby being born. Poor Marti, she is in a very mess. Next thing we know, she has to face her ex-husband, Daniel. It's been three years, and she is in Tennessee now. His very presence causes her panic attacks. However, something is way off. Daniel doesn't seem to remember his wife of four years. It's instantly clear she is nowhere near over him. Why can't he remember her? Thus begins the threats that Marti can't go back to Texas, or she will [...]

  • I just finished reading "Alana Candler, Marked For Murder" by Joanie Bruce and if "A Memory Worth Dying For" is as good, it will be a book worth reading. I know a play on words but it fits. The above sentence was a post on my Facebook page and yes "A Memory Worth Dying For" is just as good and both books are worth reading! I was drawn into the suspense of both of these books right from the start. The characters are believable and the author's style of writing lets you see the action happening as [...]

  • I love discovering new authors and I love romantic suspense novels so it was a no-brainer to agree to participate in the blog tour for “A Memory Worth Dying For” by Joanie Bruce. To my surprise and delight, Joanie also included a copy of her first novel, “Alana Candler, Marked for Murder”. I read and enjoyed both books and hope to find time to review the other one in the near future.“A Memory Worth Dying For” has an unusual plot with both primary characters suffering from some degree [...]

  • I am now officially a Joanie Bruce fan, her work is fantastic. This book had me hanging on every single page. The story weaved together so perfectly, and yet so mysteriously that I really had to think to figure out who was out to get Marti. I just couldn't read it fast enough!I will admit, there is a lot going on in this book. Several characters and different subplots, so you really have to keep track of who you are reading about. I did catch myself relooking at names a couple of times to make s [...]

  • Yes! You will want to read this one. I got caught up in the characters here who were realistic and grew through the story. The author did a great job catching my attention at the start and not letting the story get bogged down. I truly wanted to read the whole book at one time, and would have it had been possible. God was throughout the book but not forced on you, He is just skillfully woven throughout. Marti has been through so much, which is made worse by her loss of memory. She doesn't rememb [...]

  • As with any good suspense novel, A Memory Worth Dying For starts off with a bang and immersed me immediately into the intrigue. Multiple plot lines and short chapters kept the pace breathless, causing me to read late into the night as I tried to figure out who was out to get Marti. Marti and Daniel both struggle with their relationship with God, but for different reasons. Through the use of realistic dialogue, their friends and acquaintances lead them to prayerfully consider how to respond to Go [...]

  • Marti lives a life trying to forget the man she married. Daniel lives a life not able to remember the woman he fell in love with. Through a web of circumstances, the two cross paths and Marti finds herself being threatened to never return “home.” She is lured there anyway, under false pretenses, and risks losing her life. Her passion for art is the catalyst that draws her heart to a forbidden past. Daniel has been deceived by those who have taken advantage of his memory loss. But he finds th [...]

  • I was so impressed by how quickly I was drawn into this book. The details in the narrative made me feel like I was a part of the story. The characters were so well written. It was a pleasure to get to know Marty. I was scared for her well being, and I hurt along with her as I read about the heartbreak she had been through. The mystery was intricate, the suspense was palpable, and the romance was sweet. I highly recommend this book for those who enjoy contemporary romance, mystery, and suspense.I [...]

  • This is book 2 from Joanie Bruce's , "Alana Chandler, Marked for Murder". However, it can be a stand alone book as well. Once again, you are drawn into the story, and I'd read like half the book the very first day. It starts out in TN and ends in Texas of all places. While still nail biting suspense, the story is about True Love and Forgiveness and how far are we willing to go for another person. Some of the characters that were in the other book, will come out in this book but it's a totally di [...]

  • Inspirational Suspense at its finest. This is a book with lots of twists and turns, mystery and intrigue. One of the things I loved most was the spiritual thread running through out the book. This is well written. I am wanting to read more books from this author. I fell in love with the characters in this book and it is one I will want to read again.

  • I really enjoyed reading the story of Marti and Daniel. This book was suspenseful. It was hard to put down once I started. The storyline is great. Ms. Bruce is an excellent writer. This is the first of her books I have read and I hope to read more in the future.

  • Action-Packed Mystery!"A Memory Worth Dying For" is riveting. I found myself turning each page holding my breath as the action and suspense unfolded. The author has a fabulous imagination as she weaves a mystery around a love story that has a very special ending. Hashtag: Great Read!

  • fantastic story. twists and mystery, passion and longing. the characters are real and believable, I felt Marti's angst and torment. well written, well woven story. will read more by this author!

  • I wanted to like this book, and in fact it held my interestd I will probably remember it, unlike many other books that sound so much like others. The subject matter was different enough to make it interesting.******Lots of spoilers here, so enter at your own risk******Marti Rushing (AKA Matty/Martha) was in an accident, charged with drunk driving; end results were her sister-in-law and brother-in-law were killed, and was told in the hospital the baby she was carrying died. Her husband was told t [...]

  • Hashtag: that was a good book.I enjoyed the character's quirky saying of "Hashtag" in front of her phrases. The story somewhat held my interest to the end, and I did enjoy the book. Returning characters from the previous Joanie Bruce book added a cute dimension.Some of the idioms used were lost on me and I had to google them to find out what they meant. I remembered my grandmother saying it at times, though.I understood the main character's determination to stay in Texas, and that she would not [...]

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