But, Excuse Me, That Is My Book

But Excuse Me That Is My Book Lola loves books but when she finds out that someone has borrowed her favourite book of all she is naturally distraught Charlie tries everything to placate her although nothing seems to work But whe

  • Title: But, Excuse Me, That Is My Book
  • Author: Lauren Child Bridget Hurst Carol Noble Tiger Aspect
  • ISBN: 9780141500539
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Lola loves books but when she finds out that someone has borrowed her favourite book of all, she is naturally distraught Charlie tries everything to placate her, although nothing seems to work But when Charlie finds Cheetahs and Chimpanzees , Lola decides that this is her new best book.

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    Lauren Child grew up in Wiltshire as the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of two teachers She has always been interested in the many aspects of childhood, from gazing into toy shop windows to watching American children s shows from the 1960s After attending two Art Schools, where Lauren admits that she did not learn much, she travelled for six months, still unsure about which career to embark upon Before Lauren starting writing and illustrating children s books she started her own company Chandeliers for the People making exotic, elegant lampshades It was only when she came to write and illustrate the book Clarice Bean, That s Me that she decided to devote her time to writing and illustrating books for children, which combines her fascination for childhood and her talent for designing and creating Lauren gets her inspiration from other people s conversations or from seeing something funny happen Lauren lives in North London.


  • I personally enjoy the Charlie and lola collection book and how they are written in the way children speak. ‘But excuse me that is my book’ is about lola going to the library with her big brother Charlie. Lola is excited about reading her favourite book ‘beetles bugs and butterflies' yet that excitement soon disappears when she realises that someone else has taken her book. Charlie tries his hardest to persuade lola to read a different book but lola cannot understand why someone has taken [...]

  • How can one possibly resist a book with such a title? I certainly could not for I will quite happily say to anyone who tries to intervene, 'THAT is MY book', in other words 'leave it alone'!Charlie and Lola are brother and sister and Lola loves reading books. However, there is one book that she regards as really special, or in her own words, 'extra specially special'. That book is entitled 'Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies' and her Dad says that he will take her to the library to borrow a copy.Char [...]

  • This book would be a fun read aloud in the library because it talks about how a library works, and the rules of the library, as well as the joy of finding books on all sorts of topics. The author also does a good job of capturing a young child's obsession with a specific book and reluctance to try something new. But, her older brother Charlie is patient and helps her find a new topic to read.The pictures are mixed media collage. They combine real pictures with layers of textured paper. The main [...]

  • Charlie and Lola- But excuse me that is my bookBy Lauren ChildThe Charlie and Lola books have taken the world by storm in recent times extending from its Disney channel fame and also previous children’s books written by Lauren Child. The story commences when Lola and Charlie want to go to the library so Lola can take out her favourite book "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies". However the book Lola always gets is not there and here is where the plot goes a little wrong. Lola keeps on going on and o [...]

  • This is a fantastic book! As an adult I myself quite enjoyed it. The book is about Lola and her brother Charlie going to the library. Lola is on a mission to find her most favourite book ever 'beetles bugs and butterflies' however another girl in the library has decided to read the book. Charlie aims at helping Lola find a different book to read by finding out what kind of book she may really like. In the end Charlie finds her a book about Monkeys and Chimps and Lola says she will give it a read [...]

  • I found this Charlie and Lola book on my little cousin's book shelf. Upon asking my 10 year old cousin and her best friend as to why this book was good they both responded that it was interesting and good for younger children. Whilst I agree with them, I feel that you can get so much more use out of this great read!Lola is excited to go to the library and get her favourite book, "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies". However, when Charlie and Lola arrive at the library the book is nowhere to be found. [...]

  • Lauren Child’s ‘But excuse me that is my book’ is part of the popular children’s TV series ‘Charlie and Lola.’ It follows the life of big brother Charlie and his little sister Lola. In this particular book, Charlie and Lola go to the library to take out Lola’s favourite story ‘Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies’, but she is disappointed when another child has already taken it out.The book is suitable for KS1 children as it does not contain too much writing and is heavily reliant on [...]

  • This is a great book to read to kindergartners at the beginning of a school year. This book is all about sharing library books and understanding that there are many options for choosing a book!Many of my kindergarteners are still crying when they do not get the book they want because someone else got it first. This book helps them understand the library as a place where share and take turns.The characters of this book are featured in a popular kids' television show, which I have never seen. Rega [...]

  • These pictures and the format of the book always seem like they'll be a turn-off tome. But I can't help liking both. And liking Charlie and Lola. Lola is very much like many children I come across, and it's funny to see her come around. And nice to see how patient and helpful Charlie is trying to be. I especially love that he's conducting a Reference Interview with a very certain (aka stubborn) person. Been there and done that--lots!!

  • I love books about books and libraries! So often children visit the library and read the same beloved book over and over again. Lola's plight--feeling like a book belongs to her because she loves it!-- will be familiar to many readers. Ultimately her decision to read a new book will empower young readers to follow suit. The book also touches in library etiquette in a funny and approachable way. A great read!

  • Great story about saving for later. I love how sweet Charlie is, taking care and being a great example to his little sister. I loved the illustrations and cool collages. Highly recommended Gr. 1-3.

  • This would be a fun book to read aloud! Lola gets excited, upset, almost frantic and I can just imagine reading the story aloud in her voice. If the students aren't familiar with the Charlie and Lola books, it would be best to introduce them first. The illustrations are in the style of the other books in this "series." I especially like the page when they first start looking for the book on the shelves. It is a images of real books on top of the artwork.Not an essential read aloud for library cl [...]

  • Miss 2 LOVES Charlie & Lola so this is another book read from the list. We try to order different ones from the library.Lola's favorite book is called "Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies". She is really upset when they go to the library and she can't get the BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD and is angry that someone else is reading it. Cue Charlie explaining the concept of the library (and borrowed books), suggesting other books, and finally finding one which Lola likes even better.

  • In "Charlie and Lola," Charlie makes Lola recycle her toys and not throw them away. Lola finds a recycling competition, and if she can recycle 100 plastic, metal she can have her own live tree to plant in the yard. She only has a limited time to complete this task, and her friends help out. This teaches young children that recycling is a very good thing, and you want to try to recycle every chance you get.

  • This book is about two sisters. the younger sister Lola wants a book from the library called beetle bug and butterfly. She said that is her book but it belongs to the library. Finally she finds another book call cheetahs and chimpanzee and she likes it.

  • This book was my childhood. It was my favourite show on the television and when I stumbled upon all my childhood books it brought back so many memories. Lauren Child was the first author I was obsessed with and I want to thank her for giving me so many amazing memories.

  • Adorable illustrations. Charlie tells the reader about his little sister Lola and her favorite book. Lola wants to check this book out from the library but someone else has it what will she do??

  • Lola and Charlie are going to the library and Lola wants to get her favorite book. She doesn't understand when it's not there, but Charlie tries to explain it to her.

  • “All their funny little legs, Charlie.”This is my favourite Charlie and Lola book so far. Lola’s voice is hilariously genuine-sounding. I am a huge fan!

  • I love that the "Charlie & Lola" series is written in the way children really speak. This one is about ownership, the library, and discovering other books to love besides a treasured favorite.

  • This book would be a delightful introduction to the library for a small child. Lola is obsessed with the book Beatles, Bugs, and Butterflies. Every time she goes to the library, this is the book she wants to sign out. She gives an elaborate explanation about why it is the very best book in the whole world. Her big brother Charlie explains how the books are to be shared with the community and all the wonderful options available to her on the shelves, but Lola wants her book. She is dismayed when [...]

  • Charlie and Lola are new to me with Little Cherub. She latched on to the book at the library because she has seen bits of the TV series and recognised the characters. I'm not keen on spin-off books from TV shows, but - like Thomas the Tank Engine - this is one of those book series that later spawned the TV version.But Excuse Me That is My Book is written entirely in the voices of the characters - patient big brother Charlie and his little sister Lola, who wants HER book and can't get her head ar [...]

  • I know that we've read this story before, but I'm guessing that it was before I started logging books here at . In any case, we enjoyed reading this book again and reminisced about a time not so long ago when we would borrow the same books over and over again at our local library. Three of our girls' particular favorites were A Bug Hunt in Hawaii Nei, Marsupial Sue Book and CD, and Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct. In any case, this story certainly rang true to our girls (esp [...]

  • This is from a popular series of books I used to read when I was younger. I mainly remember watching videos over the books and enjoying the student's accents. I really enjoyed this book because it is about Lola thinking "Beetles, Bugs, and Butterflies" is the book of all books. She is convinced no other book could ever compare to this one, therefore she never tries reading any book other than it. Her brother, Charlie encourages her to give other books a try whenever they face the dilemma of some [...]

  • When i picked this book up, the illistrations on the front pulled me in. Including the bright colors."But excuse me that is my Book" was a very interesting book to read that had a cool pattern and flowed very nicely. Lola and her brother Charlie went to the library to find Lolas favorite book about "Beetles, bugs, and butterflies." through out the book, they cant find her favorite book because someone had rented it out at the library. This made Lola very sad. But through out the book, her brothe [...]

  • My first Charlie and Lola book, and my first Lauren Child book. I must say (and am sorry to say), I wasn't too impressed.This is why I didn't like it:I found the pictures to be amateurish. It bothered me that the characters in the illustrations were like paper dolls. There wasn't a lot of detail in them either.There were a lot of words. It's clearly for an older audience than I usually read. This isn't a bad thing in itself, I just wasn't expecting it when I picked it up.The story was lacking an [...]

  • This is a lovely book for young children. It is filled with colourful, vibrant illustrations with very few words. I enjoyed the way Lauren Child explores the topic of going to the library. She explains in a fun way what the library is and the concept of the library, for example, taking out books and bringing them back. Lola’s big brother Charlie explains to her about the hundreds of books available in the library, by listing them out. Lola however wants a particular book and she explains why s [...]

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