En Uzağından Unutuşun

En Uza ndan Unutu un G n birlik ya ayan yoksul sevecen bir gen adam yava yava neredeyse kendili inden kurulan ama hi bir zaman sonu belli olmayan dostluk ve a k ili kileri k sa s ren sevin ler kolay kolay d a vurulama

  • Title: En Uzağından Unutuşun
  • Author: Patrick Modiano Tahsin Yücel
  • ISBN: 9789755108452
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • G n birlik ya ayan yoksul, sevecen bir gen adam, yava yava neredeyse kendili inden kurulan ama hi bir zaman sonu belli olmayan dostluk ve a k ili kileri, k sa s ren sevin ler, kolay kolay d a vurulamayan ku kular ve ac lar Patrick Modiano alabildi ine yal n ama ayn l de duyarl ve iirsel bir dil kullanarak okuru yaratt d nyan n i ine ekiyor.En Uza ndan UnutG n birlik ya ayan yoksul, sevecen bir gen adam, yava yava neredeyse kendili inden kurulan ama hi bir zaman sonu belli olmayan dostluk ve a k ili kileri, k sa s ren sevin ler, kolay kolay d a vurulamayan ku kular ve ac lar Patrick Modiano alabildi ine yal n ama ayn l de duyarl ve iirsel bir dil kullanarak okuru yaratt d nyan n i ine ekiyor.En Uza ndan Unutu un ilk bak ta geli ig zel yaz lm izlenimi veren ki ileriyle, eksik anlat lm gibi g r nen ama yenileri eklendik e b t nlenip derinle en olaylar yla kentleri, sokaklar ve evleriyle bizi b y leyen bir roman, bir ustal k d nemi roman.

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      379 Patrick Modiano Tahsin Yücel
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    About " Patrick Modiano Tahsin Yücel "

  • Patrick Modiano Tahsin Yücel

    Patrick Modiano is a French language novelist and winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature.He is a winner of the Grand prix du roman de l Acad mie fran aise in 1972, the Prix Goncourt in 1978 for his novel Rue des boutiques obscures and of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2014.Modiano s parents met in occupied Paris during World War II and began their relationship in semi clandestinity Modiano s childhood took place in a unique atmosphere between the absence of his father of which he heard many troubled stories and his mother s frequent tours, he had to complete his secondary education by government aid This brought him closer to his brother, Rudy, who died of a disease at age 10 the works of Patrick Modiano from 1967 to 1982 are dedicated to him This disappearance announced the end of the author s childhood, who continued to hold a marked nostalgia for this period.Modiano studied at the cole du Montcel primary school in Jouy en Josas, at the Coll ge Saint Joseph de Th nes in Haute Savoie, and then at the Lyc e Henri IV high school in Paris While he was at Henri IV, he took geometry lessons from writer Raymond Queneau, who was a friend of Modiano s mother He received his baccalaureate at Annecy but didn t proceed with his higher education.His meeting with Queneau, the author of Zazie dans le m tro, is crucial Modiano was introduced to the literary world by Queneau, and this gave him the opportunity to attend a cocktail party given by publishing house ditions Gallimard He published his first novel, La Place de l toile, with them in 1968, after having read the manuscript to Raymond Queneau Starting that year, he did nothing but write.On September 12, 1970, Modiano married Dominique Zerhfuss I have a catastrophic souvenir of the day of our marriage It rained A real nightmare Our groomsmen were Queneau, who had mentored Patrick since his adolescence, and Malraux, a friend of my father They started to argue about Dubuffet, and it was like we were watching a tennis match That said, it would have been funny to have some photos, but the only person who had a camera forgot to bring the film There is only one photo remaining of us, from behind and under an umbrella Interview with Elle, 6 October 2003 From their marriage came two girls, Zina 1974 and Marie 1978.Modiano has mentioned on Oct 9, 2014, during an interview with La Grande Librairie, that one of the books which had a great impact on his writing life was Le c ur est un chasseur solitaire The Heart is a Lonely Hunter , the first novel published by Carson McCullers in 1940 Arabic


  • ***THIS AUTHOR IS THE WINNER OF THE 2014 NOBEL PRIZE FOR LITERATURE.***”I don’t remember if I ever thought about the future in those days. I imagine I lived in the present, making vague plans to run away, as I do today, and hoping to see them soon, him and Jacqueline, in the Café Dante.”When our nameless narrator meets Jacqueline and Van Bever they are playing pinball in the Café Dante. ”But Jacqueline is the one playing. Her arms and shoulders scarcely move as the machine rattles and [...]

  • 5 "gauzy, untethered, dreamy, romantic" stars! 2017 Honorable Mention with High Distinction ReadI sit here with a few tears and I do not understand why. I do not understand why this book moved me so or why I had to read it in such small sections as I felt anxiety and melancholy and a swelling of profound love and yearning. I have not had the pleasure of yet seeing Paris and yet as I read I was swept back to the Paris of the 1970s where the university drop-out wanders the streets aimlessly and se [...]

  • 'Go pack your bags,’ he told us. ‘And remember, don’t pay the bill.'For Europeans born after World War II it was an insuperable paradox. Their young minds were burdened with macabre stories of war and death they had not seen firsthand; they were born in a time of durable peace defined by tedium of normalcy that gave war stories a nightmarish, fictional aspect. Despite gaining a sharp consciousness of what had happened in Europe, they perhaps couldn’t quite relate to the stories of their [...]

  • Mood & atmosphere aplenty, I wouldn't call the main protagonist a drifter. More like a wallflower, the guy goes about perambulating the most interesting capitols of Europe looking for love.Modiano is a (probable?) master at paining landscape. If only it contained a story!

  • Well, I don't really have much to say on the work other than that that may be the finer nuances of the work were lost on me because I read its English translation. Jordan Stump, in translator's introduction says-Modiano is never easy to translate; the apparent simplicity and neutrality of his style conceals a wealth of subtle difficulties for the translatorI hope this is the case and do look forward to read more of his works.

  • این طور تصور می‌کردم که هر لحظه که بخواهم می‌توانم پاریس را ترک کنم. در پانزده سال گذشته خودم را اسیر خود و دیگران حس می‌کردم و همه‌ی خواب‌هایم مثل هم بود: خواب فرار با قطارهای در حال حرکتی که همیشه از بخت بد همه‌شان را از دست می‌دادم. هیچ‌وقت به ایستگاه نمی‌رسیدم. همیشه در [...]

  • حسناً عندما تقرأ عملا ل"موديانو" لا تبحث عن الأسماء أو ملامح الشخصيات ليس هنالك قصة بانتظارك لترويها فيما بعد ابداً بل انت ستكون على لقاء مع عالم عالق بين الماضي والحاضر لن تشعر بالاختناق ولن ترغب في التوقف بل ستتلفت للوراء لعل هنالك خيوط من الماضى مازالت متشبثة بك وستبحث عن [...]

  • Nếu có một cột mốc, ta hãy nhớ 2014 là năm Modiano bắt đầu xuất hiện trên nền văn học nước nhà.Tại sao trong hàng chục tác phẩm của ông, dịch giả lại chọn Từ thăm thẳm lãng quên để giới thiệu tới người đọc? Phải chăng Trần bạch lan, hay Nhị Linh Cao Việt Dũng muốn tiếp nối những mạch văn âm ỉ từ Ở quán cà phê của tuổi trẻ lạc lối. Hay phải chăng anh tìm thấy sự đồng c [...]

  • Geçmişi olmayan, bohem bir hayat süren, Mayorka'ya gitme hayali için para toplamaya çalışan yirmi yaşında genç bir kız Jacqueline. Üzerine giyecek bir paltosu dahi yok Paris'in kışında ince deri ceketiyle gezdiği için sürekli hasta, sürekli öksürüyor. Bu gizemli ve savunmasız haliyle, amaçsızca ortalıkta dolanan yaşıtı erkeklerin ve hayatta hayal kırıklığına uğramış, gençliğin altında ezilen orta yaşlı erkeklerin hepsini kendine aşık edebilir. Öyle de [...]

  • Kitabın isminin cazibesine kapılanlardan biriyim kuşkusuz. Yazar da geçen yıl Nobel aldığından ötürü tanımak, okumak istedim. Uzun süredir okuduklarımdan tat alamayan biri olarak kitabı beğendim. Hissettirdikleri bile yeterli. Mutlu etmeyen ama öte yandan üzmeyen, değişik hüzünlü bir romandı.Ayrıca sıkmayan, boğmayan bir havası var anlatılan öykünün. Keşke biraz daha yazsaymış dedim bittiğinde. Yazarın dili güzel, genelde kısa ve öz cümleler. Çeviri T.Y [...]

  • L'histoire est racontée à la première personne. On est dans les années 60, à Paris. Le narrateur, un jeune homme qui gagne sa vie par la vente des livres aux bouquinistes, rencontrent un couple mystérieux, Jacqueline et van Bever. Les deux vivent une vie sans attache, sans but, sans désir de laisser leur trace. Notre jeune homme, rapidement succombé à la charme de Jacqueline, désire de vivre une relation passionnelle avec elle, de l'emmener à Majorque - l'endroit qui revient souvent d [...]

  • Không thể dánh giá sao cho cuốn sách nàyCá nhân mình ko thể đánh sao cho sách của Modiano. Vì bản thân không thấy có tiêu chí nào để đánh giá : nhân vật, nội dung, cốt truyện như một tác phẩm thường thấy và thường được nhận xét dựa trên đó.Cốt truyện của Modiano không có bắt đầu cũng ko có kết thúc, như từ hư không đi ra, một con người ko rõ quá khứ cũng như tương lai, hầu hết đều [...]

  • Feels like the product of an unskilled beginner. There is no plot, the characters are poorly sketched and the reader is overwhelmed by the names of Paris and London streets. OK, we get it, Jacqueline and the super secret alter ego of Modiano have been to London and Paris, so what? Given the recent Nobel Prize, I read it hoping at every page that the introduction would soon be over and the fabulous writing would start. It never did.

  • A pesar de haber leído apenas dos libros de Modiano, hay algunos elementos que pueden considerarse típicos de este autor y, por ende, van delineando su propio estilo narrativo. Los ambientes, los personajes y sus relaciones y la importancia de contar una historia a través de un pasado que no se olvida y un presente que ayuda a sanar y a, paradójicamente, olvidar un poco (todo atravesado por lo que parece un constante tono de gris) hacen de Más allá del olvido una novela de la cual su autor [...]

  • Chẳng biết sao người ta gọi ông là bậc thầy của kí ức? Chắc có lẽ vì thời gian đối với ông không có một trật tự tuyến tính nhất định nào cả mà chỉ là một đám bụi mờ lơ lửng mà ta sẽ không bao giờ có thể nắm bắt được một cách trọn vẹn. Và mọi thứ sẽ lại rơi tuột khỏi lòng bàn tay

  • Más allá del olvido fue una linda lectura aunque no más que eso. Un libro bastante breve (lo leí en un día) pero que expresa mucho en pocas palabras. Me gustó la forma de escribir de Modiano, no conocía al autor. Sin embargo, no se convirtió en uno de mis favoritos. Una historia para pasar el rato pero que no deja ninguna huella importante.

  • " ağaçlarla gölgelenmiş bu cadde önüme serildiği anda, yaşamımın ilk yirmi yılı toz olup dökülüverdi, bir gün kurtulacağıma hiçbir zaman inanmadığım bir ağırlık, bir kelepçe, bir semer gibi. İşte böyle, bütün bu yıllardan başka hiçbir şey kalmıyordu artık. Ve mutluluk, o akşam duyduğum geçici sarhoşluksa, yaşamımda ilk kez mutluydum." (s.126)

  • Okuduğum ikinci Modiano kitabıydı. Benim açımdan 'Bir Gençlik' kadar özel olmasa da çok sade bir şekilde anlatılan hikaye okuru kısa sürede içine çekiyor. Bu sadelikte yakalanan hüzünlü bir huzur var. Büyük beklentilere girmeden, arada soluklanmak istenilen zamanlarda okunmasını önerdiğim, yine de bu kategorideki kitaplardan bir tık üstte olan okunası bir kitaptır kendisi.

  • O kadar sade o kadar güzel ki dinginleştirici olarak eczanelerde satılmalı bu kitap. Keşke jacquline'in kayıp senelerde ne yaptığını da öğrenebilseydik.

  • Đọc cuốn “Từ thăm thẳm lãng quên” của cụ Modiano xong bực mình cụ và nhân vật của cụ quá, đành viết cái note này. Bực mình là chuyện chẳng có gì, tình yêu cũng chẳng có gì mà cụ bôi cho ký ức của nhân vật kéo dài 15 năm sau đấy nhân vật hẹn còn nhớ nhau thêm người ta 15 năm nữa. Hai anh chị gặp nhau và yêu nhau khoảng 3.4 tháng từ thưở đôi mươi, anh vẫn nhớ như in từng chi tiết v [...]

  • حين تتلاقي الوجوه والأيام والمصائر وتتساءل بينك وبين نفسك لماذا حدثت هذه الأحداث ؟ لماذا تقابلت معهم في هذا التوقيت ؟ في هذا المكان؟ ما الحكمة ؟ ما السبب ؟ثم تمر السنوات وترجع بذكرياتك للوراء ربما تعرف الحكمة وقتئذ وربما تشاهد نفسك وقد كبرت واختلفت وضاعت ملامحك القديمة وا [...]

  • Un incipit che mi è piaciuto moltissimo, che ti porta subito al centro dell'azione in compagnia di alcuni protagonisti, e poi una scrittura chiara, lineare, personale.È il primo libro di Modiano che leggo, e so che ha impostato un discorso complesso sulla memoria nelle sue varie declinazioni. Questo libro ne è un esempio perfetto, e sono sicuro che ciascuno di noi possa trovarvi l'eco di considerazioni personali sul ricordo, sull'oblio, sullo svanire col tempo di alcune sfumature e il sopravv [...]

  • Yazarın anlatım tarzını beğendim fakat içerik beni tatmin etmedi. Bittiğinde okumasam da olurmuş dedim.

  • me lo so' bevuto a garganella senza che mi rimanesse sur gargarozzo! (sto cercando un modo per scrollarmi di dosso tutta questa francesita'!)

  • لو كانت أول رواية اقرأها لموديانو كنت أعطيتها خمس نجمات اما وقد قرات له قبلها عدة روايات تشبهها في الحبكة والغاية والاسلوب فقد ترددت بين النجمات الثلاث والأربع . هي رواية تتحدث عن فتى من جيل ما بعد الحرب العالمية الثانية في باريس، عاش متشردا، ويحاول الا يفقد ذكرياته، لذلك يت [...]

  • me recordó mucho a Julio Cortázar, sin embargo Modiano es lacónico e insicivo, logra sumergir al lector con las primeras líneas de esta novela.

  • If I were asked for a single word to describe this book the one I’d go with would be ‘understated’. There’s a lot its narrator never found out and he can’t tell us what he never knew but he’s also looking back on events fifteen and thirty years in his past and so can be forgiven if he doesn’t get every detail straight but I suspect the real problem with the storytelling is that the narrator doesn’t choose to share everything. What interests him he describes in great detail; the d [...]

  • I loved this little novel with its strange feeling so reminiscent of the French nouvelle vague films of Godard, Truffaut, and Rivette. It is redolent of youth, its aimlessness and desire for escape, its casual loves and older men with money to draw away the girls. We never discover the name of the narrator, whom we first meet as a seller of books to bookstores and, later, as a self-proclaimed writer who is unusually loath to discuss his work. We do learn the name of Jacqueline, however, whom the [...]

  • My review covers the Jordan Stump translation. Reviewers who did not care for the book are correct in their assertions that nothing happens, but I appreciated the way that Modiano balances known and unknown qualities to paint a picture of the narrator's experience. The narrator holds on to what he knows, streets, cafes, neighborhoods, while grappling with the unknowable qualities of the people around him. Stump translates the last word of the title "l'oubli," as "the dark." I think the word's ot [...]

  • The only constants are mutability and loss and they are ephemeral and uncertain.There are some similarities between The Great Gatsby and this novel: In each, a lead character becomes obsessed with a woman; the woman moves on, matures, leaves (youthful?) idealism behind and does what she needs to do to achieve her materialistic goals while the protagonist remains idealistic with memories that may be misleading and not accurate.

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