Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye For readers of Jodi Picoult Heather Gudenkauf and Elizabeth Flock comes a deeply moving novel of finding friendship and love in the most unexpected of places Josie Clarke a loving wife and mother

  • Title: Never Say Goodbye
  • Author: Susan Lewis
  • ISBN: 9780345549495
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • For readers of Jodi Picoult, Heather Gudenkauf, and Elizabeth Flock comes a deeply moving novel of finding friendship and love in the most unexpected of places Josie Clarke, a loving wife and mother, struggles to make ends meet by cleaning homes and working at a diner while her husband drives a taxi Josie s joy is her two children, just entering adulthood But with herFor readers of Jodi Picoult, Heather Gudenkauf, and Elizabeth Flock comes a deeply moving novel of finding friendship and love in the most unexpected of places Josie Clarke, a loving wife and mother, struggles to make ends meet by cleaning homes and working at a diner while her husband drives a taxi Josie s joy is her two children, just entering adulthood But with her son recently imprisoned for a crime she is certain he didn t commit, and her daughter marrying too young, Josie now worries about the future and wonders if she ll ever be able to ensure their safety and happiness Across town, in a gorgeous house by the sea, successful property developer Bel Monkton lives in comparative luxury But she has struggles of her own Since the death of her twin sister than a year ago, Bel has been unable to rebuild her shattered world, and the troubled past she thought was behind her haunts her ever Faced with uncertainty and heartbreak, Josie and Bel find each other and a surprising friendship that will change their lives.

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    was born in 1956, in Bristol My father was a Welsh miner, a poet, an engineer and a thinker My mother was one of 13 children who, at 20, persuaded my father to spend his bonus on an engagement ring instead of a motorbike We were a normal, happy, nuclear family, living in a spanking new council house on the outskirts of town my mother s pride and joy But we were going to do better, my mother had made up her mind about that My father, an unabashed communist, was writing a book, I was signed up for ballet, elocution, piano and eventually a private boarding school, and my brother, the real great love of my mother s life was going to succeed at everything he set his mind to.I was 9 and my brother 5 when my mother died of cancer She was 33, my father was 37, and he never married again.I went to the boarding school, a rogue little pupil in amongst all the posh girls, with their plummy voices, rich parents and exotic tales of faraway places I yearned for my mother and father, but it was for the best, I was told My father couldn t bring me up on his own However, I believed he could, and because no one would listen to my pleas for freedom, I took it upon myself to get expelled It took a while, and I had rather a fabulous time achieving it, and by the time I was thirteen I was back in our little council house with my father and brother.The teenage years are too painful to go into.When I was 18 I got a job at HTV in Bristol, and at 22 I moved to London to work for Thames I began as a secretary in news and current affairs, then trained as a production assistant and moved on to light entertainment and drama It was a love of drama, combined with a fierce ambition, that got me knocking on the Controller s door to ask what steps to take to become a producer Oh, go away and write something, came the reply So I did.23 books later, my only regret is that none of them have yet made it to the screen I left TV eighteen years ago to do the novelist thing of buying a house with a swimming pool in the South of France Bliss For the first summer After that came a disastrous love affair with one of the FBI s most wanted, the plunge of the pound, and the dawning realization that life full time in France was very, very different to a two week holiday frolicking around on millionaire s yachts on the sunny Riviera Sure it was glamorous, and the yachts along with the interesting people all came back in the summer, but the endless months in between were not far short of hell So, off to sunny California and Hollywood After equipping myself with a Mercedes estate for my beloved dogs Casanova and Floozie, a home in the hills complete with pool and perfect sunsets every night, I set about completing the obstacle course of cowboy agents, big talking producers and wannabe directors Once I realised that Hollywood was NOT waiting for me, I put the struggle behind me and from thereon life in Tinsel Town became just plain thrilling From star studded screenings and glitzy parties, to moonlit dinners on the beach and edgy nightclubs, it was the perfect town to be single George Clooney was my neighbour, Jennifer Anniston, Charlize Theron and Julianne Moore shopped in the same places, Nick Cage was a guest at my house, and Steve Martin was a regular on our dog walks Romances flourished and faded, some dreams came true and others were crushed After seven happy years of taking the best from Hollywood and avoiding the rest, I had to face up to the fact that I was losing touch with being English I needed a fix of my own country, so once again my dogs and I were on the move We returned to Wiltshire for two years where making the adjustment from Manolo Blahniks to Wellies, cocktails at sunset to nights in by the fire, and no glittery invites to liven up the mail proved too crushing for a still young and lively spirit We are now back in the South of


  • Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Ballantine for providing an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.First and foremost,when I search for a new book to read (especially by an author I have not read previously), there are a few key critical factors (1) Does the front cover draw me in and is it a high resolution image? (2) The synopsis of the book. Does it appeal to me? (3) Praise by another author I have read or follow? (4) Other reviews which is sometimes difficult, if a pre-releas [...]

  • 4.5 stars. Warning – this book caused me a humdinger of a book hangover and I think it’s only fair to warn you that it may do the same to you! But read it anyway, it’s worth the pain!First Line of Never Say Goodbye:“ “So what do you think that’s all about?” Josie Clarke murmured, almost to herself, as she put down the phone.”My Thoughts on Never Say Goodbye:I requested this book on NetGalley as I’ve enjoyed books by this author before. I knew nada about it beyond who wrote it. [...]

  • This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group and Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review.4 StarsThis was a good book that took me forever to read. I spent almost two months reading this book. When I requested this book from Net Galley, I had absolutely no idea that it was about somebody battling breast cancer. I am not sure that I would have made that request at this point in my life if [...]

  • how would u cope with losing someone u love? josie is the sort of woman u never forget. she is warm, always has time for anyone, loves her family and lends a listening ear plus comfort or advice or needed then her world is turned upside down when is is diagnosed with breast cancer and has to undergo 6 months of chemo all before her daughter's wedding this brings her into contact with bel who lost her twin sister to cancer who is now rich but lonely and haunted by a past that has destroyed her co [...]

  • Original review found at kristineandterri/2* I received an advanced readers copy of this book from Random House- Ballantine Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!*This book needs to come with a warning label. Nowhere in the synopsis does it indicate that the story is about a terminal illness when in fact the entire story revolves around it. This is something that readers should be aware of.The book started out just OK for me. It was a little slow and I had a hard time g [...]

  • This is the type of book you gel with instantly, perhaps because of the subject matter. It is gripping yet so informative, and, later on, rather emotional but don't let that put you off!An excellent read. I will look out for more from this author, Susan Lewis.

  • Previously reviewed on The Good, The Bad, & The Unread:I nearly gave up on this one in the first chapter, but I stubbornly persevered and managed to find some redeeming qualities to it in later chapters, not all attributable to the writing improving further on compared to in the first chapter. On the other hand, lots of people love stories about characters struggling to cope with massive levels of unfairness being thrown at them, and I suspect that some of my issues with the plot and charact [...]

  • Josie Clarke and her husband are struggling to make ends meet. Their son Ryan is in prison and their daughter Lily is at the university. Despite life's hardships, Josie tries to maintain a positive outlook. For Josie, family comes first. When she is diagnosed with breast cancer, her first thoughts and concerns are for her family. She struggles with telling them the devastating news. Bella, having lost her twin sister to cancer is asked to meet with Josie to counsel and support her in her battle [...]

  • Lewis is known for her ability to tug at readers heartstrings while traversing complex and poignant family issues fully demonstrated in Never Say Goodbye.Quite a tearjerker this story struck home with me. The devastation of breast cancer for both victim and family is tastefully presented. The characters are compelling, both Bel and Josie greet you with incredible warmth and love you become so wrapped up in them it's almost as if their close friends of yours. The narrative is brimming with sensit [...]

  • This review can also be found at chiquitablogger.wordpress Yeah, so this has been a rollercoaster of books for me. The last one I read was SO good! This one? Not so much.The book is written in 3rd person about Josie who literally does nothing but go on and on about her daughter and amazingly wonderful and awesome she is. And then her son is in jail, and literally the talk about these two goes on for NINE PAGES! We get it. You love your kids. But her husband refuses to see her son cause he's in j [...]

  • 4.5 stars The first half of the book was just ok which is why I couldn't give it 5 stars besides I always knew how this novel would end.However, the rest amused me to a point that I regret finishing it so fast ! I'm impressed on the tiny details it had I felt more like living with the characters not just reading a book. The joy, the pain and the hope I felt it all Warning: this book is too painful for a person whose relative has cancer It hit me so hard the facts that I read about that disease [...]

  • Omg I can not tell you how much I loved this book. Halfway through I discovered my best friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This made the book all the more poignant for me.I love the way Susan Lewis tells the story from different people’s perspectives.I got this book as a loan from the library but will definitely be trying to buy a copy for my at home library.The way it ended gave us all hope and showed the power of love and positive thoughts.

  • What an emotional roller coaster of a book. It touches on so many aspects of what the main character is going through amazing read and I couldn't put it down

  • Breast cancer is a topic that brings a myriad of thoughts and emotions to people, such as fear, anger, and sorrow. However, from such darkness comes strength, love, fortitude, hope and friendship. Never Say Goodbye by Susan Lewis beautifully illustrates this concept in its story about the friendship between Josie and Bel who become connected through their own experiences with breast cancer.This book was just beautifully written. Lewis was able to capture the devastating effects the diagnoses has [...]

  • I have been reading Susan Lewis for many years and the majority of the time I love her books. Many of them are moving and downright sad but they still make for an excellent (albeit a little more serious) read. This latest book’s synopsis if I’m being honest is a little vague and rather than add any plot spoilers I will say very little in the way of plot too. However, I think it needs to be said that this book features heavily on cancer suffering, which is something that maybe a few people wo [...]

  • To begin with this is a book of two halves,so much so it is as if it has been written by two different writers.Josie and her husband are just making ends meet. Jeff is working as a taxi driver with not enough work to even pay for repairs to his car. Josie is working at as many jobs as she can, cleaning houses and working in a cafe. Her son is in prison,ignored by his father and her daughter is planning a wedding. Josie has no time and can't afford to be ill but events are moving so fast that she [...]

  • I'd have to say I rated this 3+ stars but I'm not sure I can go to a 4 since I've read such a lot of excellent books lately and I've given most of them 4 stars. There was absolutely nothing wrong with this book at all and I definitely enjoyed reading it. For some reason though it just didn't seem to have quite the same twists and plot variations that some of the other Susan Lewis titles I've read. Initially the chapters alternated between Josie and Bel. Josie was a wife and mother, going through [...]

  • Отдавна не вярвам в случайности. За мен няма съвпадения и всяка среща носи своя смисъл. Когато онзи ден една възрастна жена в супермаркета ме заговори да ме пита кой вид кафе бих й препоръчала, все още не знаех, че това ще бъде една от тези срещи. Отговорих на симпатичната жен [...]

  • I will be honestis book was slow to catch my interest. It begins by introducing us to Josie, a 40-something mother and wife, who is challenged financially and has a son in prison. After the first chapter, I wasn't sure I would keep reading but I am so glad I did. The next chapter introduced us to Bel, a younger woman of wealth, who was battling her own demons. I became intrigued about the two characters and began to wonder how their paths would cross. Unfortunately, though the book description d [...]

  • I really enjoyed this story. It was heartbreaking and difficult to read at times, but the characters were richly drawn, likable and realistic. A lot of obstacles were thrown their way, but it never seemed over the top, which can often be the case in women's fiction. Keep a few tissues handy, though.Without giving away too much: Josie and her husband have a daughter about to get married, a son in jail and are struggling to make ends meet when Josie gets some devastating news. Josie's condition le [...]

  • Never Say Goodbye by Susan Lewis may not be her typical brand of novels as it is a tad different but it is every bit as enjoyable. It is a heartbreaking novel which explores pain, friendship, family and relationship. It is a sensitive and compassionate portrayal of people suffering from cancer and others who endure the hardship of watching their loved one living through cancer. This is a story which will move many readers.Susan Lewis’ story is about Josie Clarke, a married woman with a daughte [...]

  • Warning: This book deals with breast cancer and going through treatment for it.Josie has just found out she has cancer and hides it from her family. Her husband had an affair with her best friend and she fears he only stayed with her for their children. They’re struggling with rising bills and not enough money, while their son is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. The bright spot in their lives is their daughter Lily – smart and beautiful, she’s almost finished at uni and is happily [...]

  • I received an ARC of this book from Random House through Netgalley. This book is one that I couldn't put down. It is beautifully written with the individual stories flowing throughout. It tells the story about two women who meet in the most heartbreaking of circumstances with a common situation in both their lives. You can't help but feel for both of them. Josie getting a devastating diagnosis of her own, and Bel, through her own circumstances is still reeling from her own loss in her family. Jo [...]

  • With thanks to Netgalley for allowing me a copy of this book in exchange for review. Billed as recommended for fans of Jodi Picoult I was looking forward to reading this book!Josie is a kind mother of two having successfully dealt with her husband’s affair with her best friend she has built her relationship with her husband back up, whilst losing her longest friend. With 2 grown up children she’s been dealing with the thought that there is something wrong having found a lump in her breast an [...]

  • Josie is a married woman who works hard and it seems that life just isn't being fair to her, she struggles to makes ends meet and whenever things are going well gets kicked in the teeth again. A husband that played away, a son in prison, a best friend who she no longer talks to and then there's her daughter Lily who is at University and set to marry the man of her dreams, only even that is causing Josie sleepless nights…just where is the money going to come from? Then there's Bel who from the [...]

  • "Faced with uncertainty and heartbreak, Josie and Bel find each other and a surprising friendship that will change their lives." I agree with other reviewers who have cautioned readers that the main storyline of this book focuses on breast cancer and terminal illness. Nowhere in the book's summary was the reader given a warning about the subject matter - I find "uncertainty and heartbreak" interesting. "Breast cancer and terminal illness" are not things I gravitate towards, and I think readers s [...]

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