Kestrel's Chance

Kestrel s Chance Kestrel and Rory are the very best partnership in Wester Fleet s elite Mountain Rescue Team They ve trusted one another with their lives for five years They re closer than brothers but Rory s feelings

  • Title: Kestrel's Chance
  • Author: Harper Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kestrel and Rory are the very best partnership in Wester Fleet s elite Mountain Rescue Team They ve trusted one another with their lives for five years They re closer than brothers but Rory s feelings for his handsome, daredevil partner are far from fraternal.He knows better than to tell Kes the truth Climbing partnerships are a delicate balance of love and practicaliKestrel and Rory are the very best partnership in Wester Fleet s elite Mountain Rescue Team They ve trusted one another with their lives for five years They re closer than brothers but Rory s feelings for his handsome, daredevil partner are far from fraternal.He knows better than to tell Kes the truth Climbing partnerships are a delicate balance of love and practicality, and the Fleet MRT has a strict non fraternization code Rory could lose everything by a confession And Kes is an enigma sometimes distant, sometimes seeming to crave the very devotion Rory longs to give him.Kes is all set to become the MRT s next leader He s a shoo in for the job, except for his impatience with amateur climbers and his inability to hold his tongue When he and Rory are given the job of guiding two important visitors across the Fleet range, it s a test of his tact to say the least But nothing about this mission is as it seems, and soon Kes is facing the most terrifying challenge of his life.

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    Harper Fox is an M M author with a mission She s produced six critically acclaimed novels in a year and is trying to dispel rumours that she has a clone twin sister locked away in a study in her basement In fact she simply continues working on what she loves best creating worlds and stories for the huge cast of lovely gay men queuing up inside her head She lives in rural Northumberland in northern England and does most of her writing at a pensioned off kitchen table in her back garden, often with blanket and hot water bottle.She lives with her SO Jane, who has somehow put up with her for a quarter of a century now, and three enigmatic cats, chief among whom is Lucy, who knows the secret of the universe but isn t letting on When not writing, she either despairs or makes bread, specialities foccacia and her amazing seven strand challah If she has any other skills, she s yet to discover them.


  • number of harper fox books i have read: 3.of those, number that feature crack-cocaine: 3mber that feature expert deep-throat technique: 3mber that feature big manly-men weeping: 3mber that feature ghosts: 3mber i mostly enjoyed reading anyway, on account of the lush prose:3.

  • Harper Fox is an auto-buy for me but I really didn't enjoy this one. I found the characters very unlike-able. Kestrel (what a stupid name) and Rory are partners in the Scottish mountain Search and Rescue team. Rory has been crushing on Kes for 6 years but one night in a bar Kes becomes strangely enraged that Rory (just by being a nice guy) has made him forget the anniversary of the death of his previous partner, a married father of three with whom Kes had a secret part-time affair. Bizarrely Kes [...]

  • Harper Fox writes some of the most atmospheric stories in M/M, stories where the setting is almost another character. This book is like that, with the rough mountains of Scotland playing third to two interesting and well-drawn characters. The climbing lore felt authentic, and yet never intrusive to the heart of the story. There were several moments in here where I felt that little tightness of the chest that goes with reading about her damaged men. Watching Kestrel work his way out of that first [...]

  • Two bitterly disappointed stars. The idea for this book is sublime - two sexy mountaineers and the potential for some delicious sexual tension and claustrophobic, high-altitude romance. But, alas, it was executed rather clumsily. The setting was still gorgeous, in true Harper Fox style, but the plot was a bit of a mess. Anyway, I'll just continue to look forward to her next full-length novel.

  • We all know this woman can write, but gees, how much research did she need to make mountaineering seem so natural and realistic? Her descriptions of the mountains, the passes, the snow and the sky evoke feelings of wonder and beauty. The boys' love of their surroundings, their complete surrender to the elements and their place in the world are sublime. Yet Kestral's ice hardened heart will need to thaw to prove he is worthy of Rory. And Rory will need every ounce of his devotion to his partner t [...]

  • 3.75 stars. This has all the hallmarks of a Harper Fox story: a beautiful, desolate landscape, men with inner demons, and a bit of adventure. I wasn't entirely crazy about the French tourist plotline, but overall I really enjoyed this.

  • Unfortunately this book did not work for me. I just couldn't get interested in the characters or the story itself.

  • Again, not at all what I was expecting. This sounded like a fun twist on a friends-to-lovers story with tough mountain-men climber guys as the MC's. And all of that was true, except for the "fun" part. It was still very enjoyable to read, the setting was breathtaking, the secondary characters entertaining, and the love story beautifully-paced. It just wasn't quite the fluff I was looking for for my weekend-o'-fluff recovery from emotionally draining stories.Kestrel's past was beautifully outline [...]

  • This book only partially worked for me. Rory and Kestrel were strong characters, and I would have really enjoyed them more if I felt I got to know them better. Both seemed mono-dimensional. I never really felt I knew Rory at all and Kestrel (for me a dumb and really 'twinky' name--though I get the meaning) was distant. I found the dialog confusing. There were large sections I needed to re-read because I just couldn't follow who was speaking. Whether it was bad paragraphing or lack of dialog tags [...]

  • This is definitely a firstNot a first read with this author, I've read a few Harper Fox books as a matter of fact she is definitely one of my top 5 authors when it comes to m/m. Her book 'Life After Joe' is one of the few books that I've not only re-read but I've done so several times.Unfortunately the first is that this book was the first time that I've read a Harper Fox book and not wanted to give it 4 or 5 stars because that's what I've given to every other book of hers that I've read. Odds a [...]

  • I liked this one - it had a lot of atmosphere (a trademark of this author) and two very interesting main characters. Only downside: it felt a little short.

  • Harper Fox is a wonderful writer. Not only does she research her locales, but she recreates them in words that are vivid and painstakingly - yet effortlessly - arranged. Let me just reiterate: Fox is a great writer. A pleasure to read for the mere joy of letting her words flow through your brain."Kestrel's Chance" is a novella, a form that I usually find a bit too thin for the kind of character development Fox is so good at. But Harper is a woman who knows how to write men that feel like men - n [...]

  • Excellent setting and sense of place elevate (you should excuse the pun) a romance between co-workers on a mountaineering search and rescue team into something very special. Harper Fox sketches vivid secondary characters, drops in the odd gaelic phrase, and provides writing like this: Hearts could break, men and women live or die, and still the mountain kept its place, wrapped in its mantle, forcing all who made their living there to abide by its ancient authority.

  • I enjoyed this story that deals w grief and starting over. I thought the mountain climbing/search & rescue aspect was really interesting & I liked how the author made it a metaphor for life & love. The very last scene was particularly touching. I did this on audio & the narrator had a nice voice but there was more than one place where I wasn't sure which mc was talking. They weren't distinctive enough.

  • Goddammit, Harper Fox did it again.She started off with gorgeously evocative language, beautiful climbing lore, emotive relationship- and bold world building, complicated passionate men that feel quite like men, the right kind of emotional baggage, the one that adds weight to the conflict – and then suddenly squanders ALL that with some cockamamy story line twist that not only makes no sense but was also totally, completely unnecessary to bring the relationship to some kind of satisfying resol [...]

  • I've come to the conclusion that Harper Fox can do absolutely nothing wrong when it comes to writing: be it novellas, short stories or novels.Kestrel's Chance is a wonderful, if somewhat abbreviated, story of the building love between two members of the Hebrides Islands' Wester Fleet Mountain Rescue Team. This tale of the memory of a lost love essentially cock-blocking a new relationship (here between the still-mourning Kestrel and the lovelorn Rory), for some reason, stirs memories of the incre [...]

  • Harper Fox is one of my very few auto-buy authors, and she remains firmly in that category with this book.Her sense of place is just second to none -- and I include all genres in that assessment. I absolutely love the way that we always feel the locale in her stories. She's a very sensory writer. And in addition to the location, we also feel her characters and their emotions in a very visceral way. There is no way to be disconnected from Fox's world or the people inhabiting it.Kestrel's Chance s [...]

  • I devoured this in one sitting. Still can't believe it was only 92 pages. Let me start by saying I did not like Kestrel for the first 25% of the story. Not only was this jammed pack with details of the scenery, but the author has a way of using words to describe exactly what the characters are feeling. Sometimes authors can over describe but this wasn't the case. For a short story I think the author did a great job pulling it all together. p.s Yes Kestrel won me over and only a really good story [...]

  • Liked it, but it was over too quick. Just not a huge fan of short stories. Do like authors voice. Very evocative.

  • I honestly couldn't connect the guys we finished with to the guys we started with. The writing and the setting were highly enjoyable though. 2.5 stars

  • I do enjoy Harper Fox's stroies and this was no exception.Kes was the troubled soul who bottles every up inside and has gradually ostracised himself from society except his mountain rescue teammates. The mountain descriptions are really good, felt like I was there. Also felt that I didn't ever want to be in Kes' flat!Rory reminded me of a little puppy but he did show his maturity in dealing with Kes after the land rover - I'd've been all don't ever talk again.Not sure how a MRT would test so can [...]

  • Most of us have ghosts, past experiences that haunt us. Kestrel, of 'Kestrel's Chance' by Harper Fox, has more than his share. His partner, Rory, knows something is very wrong and wishes he could help but he can't unless Kestrel confides in him. Instead, Rory goes along with him, keeping him as safe as his often reckless partner will allow. Meanwhile, Rory is there for him, just in case.People admire Kestrel for his expertise as rescuer and are grateful for his help, but, other than Rory, he doe [...]

  • SlashReaders: As with most all of Harper Fox's work I have to say that I enjoyed this book. That being said, I found this one somewhat harder to follow than some of her other books. Once I got the character's straight in my head, it was fun.'Kestrel's Chance', jumps back and forth from the perspective of both main characters. Until I could keep up with who was who and which details went with which character this was somewhat frustrating. I had to go back and reread a couple of times to figure ou [...]

  • synopsis:ryan and kes have been climbing partners in the mountain rescue team program for 5 years. ryan joined the team after kes' first partner died in a climbing accident. ryan has more than just friendship feelings for kes, but he tries not to let them show. one night, ryan is called to a bar to come and get kes, who is too drunk to drive. ryan learns that kes and his former partner were lovers and that kes gets drunk once a year on the day. kes tells ryan that he thinks his crush on him is c [...]

  • Harper Fox is in my top five--no wait, three writers. Always on auto-buy for me. I think this is the first time I've given her 4 stars--and probably it is really 4.5 stars.At some point while I was reading this I got the idea that the title was 'Kestrel's Choice' not 'chance' and this thought stuck with me to the end.As is common in Ms. Fox's work the environtment is as an important of a character as the two mains. In this case I think it was equal to Kestrel and Rory since it held the power of [...]

  • I generally enjoy Harper Fox's work, and there was nothing terribly wrong with this novella. I had a hard time getting into it because it felt like a much longer story that had been condensed and compressed into a space too small for it. The dialog and action moved along very quickly, and it felt as if many of the connecting bits had been left out, so it was a choppy ride for this reader. I had very little sense of the characters as complete individuals -- we know only one defining episode in Ke [...]

  • 4.5 stars--What a great short story! I loved the Scottish setting, the return of Kes and Ro's Scottish brogue during emotional times, and especially Kes' occasional use of the Scots language--two great men with a lot of heart.The story had a little bit of everything--adventure, angst, heartache, humor, lust, forgiveness and love. It was short enough to read on a leisurely afternoon and long enough for decent character development---long enough to bond with the MCs so that when they were in pain, [...]

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