Shawn's Voice

Shawn s Voice Since kindergarten Ryan has wanted only one thing for Christmas his best friend Shawn As Christmas rolls around again will Ryan finally get the present he s been wishing for all these years Words

  • Title: Shawn's Voice
  • Author: Project Amy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: ebook
  • Since kindergarten, Ryan has wanted only one thing for Christmas, his best friend, Shawn As Christmas rolls around again, will Ryan finally get the present he s been wishing for all these years Words 19,332 complete

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  • 4.35 starsI feel like shouting in glee at finding another fantastic freebie. The friendship is the "story" and the eventual romance is the icing on the cake. I loved Shawn and Ryan they wormed their way into my heart. Ryan is this forceful dynamo who decides that Shawn will be his friend, he's 5 years old and wont allow Shawn to build barriers with his speech impairment. They both gravitate towards each other and stick together like glue, a confidence boost for Shawn and Ryan is the one to bring [...]

  • FREE Read Everyone!I was reduced to a sobbing mess from just first few lines of the story. Four year old Shawn gripped my heart in a vise and he was just so adorably fragile that I wanted bundle him up in my arms.Shawn Peters suffers from selective mutism which keeps him from interacting with people and makes him a target of ridicule. Through all the hardships in Shawn's life, there's one constant ray of sunshine in the form of his best friend (and knight-in-shinning-armor) Ryan Hannah. The sett [...]

  • This is just beyond adorable (thank you, Vio!). This short story captured 16 Christmases over the span of Shawn's life (15 of them with his best friend, Ryan, who ends up as his beloved). The first Christmas, when Shawn was only 4-years old just broke my heart *sniff*. But the rest of them are wonderful, WONDERFUL, seeing how the two boys grew up together, and how Ryan will always be Shawn's everything: his voice, his best friend, his protector, the love of his life Yes, the story only revolves [...]

  • This story follows Shawn and Ryan from age four to age twenty. Every few years we get a slice of their lives at Christmas and it's killer, very emotional in the early years and doesn't let up. I loved their friendship and how it evolved and grew into more. Lovely free story with such a different kind of storyline. Just a stellar read.

  • I have to thank Vio for bringing this little gem to my attention.Shawn is such a sweet little boy, and I am so glad he had Ryan and his family, even if I wish someone had given his father a swift kick in the rear.Shawn has issues talking, he has a sad home life and he has a best friend Ryan who will do almost anything for him.It's told in short increments from their first meeting at the tender age of 5 until they are grown and out of High School.It's sweet, touching, cute,free, sappy and just a [...]

  • Four stars, despite the quiet voice in my head whispering that having one person be your everything - your family, your lover, your very voice - is an incredibly poor idea.

  • Yo tengo un hijo con un Language Disorder y me despiertan mucha curiosidad y ternura cualquier texto con un personaje con problemas con el habla o el lenguaje. Este short, fancfiction, aunque tiene problemas al, evidentemente, no ser editado, ha sido muy dulce. Lo he disfrutado. Muy bonita la evolución de los personajes a través de las Navidades durante 16 años.

  • Be warned the tissues will be needed right from the start. Child Shawn will break your heart I loved the story of Shawn and Ryan. As heartbreaking as the start was it flourished into a beautiful ending. The middle was a mix of tears and smiles too lol. Watching Ryan struggle with his feelings was one of the best parts lol. Thanks Vio, this took me back to all those wonderful free on line stories I used to read, but you owe me a few tissues.There are a few inconsistencies and due to the shortness [...]

  • The first chapter of this book completely gutted me. If anyone reading this review was on the Yonge-University subway line in Toronto this morning and saw a man sniffling in to his tablet, that might have been me.This story is a collection of moments over sixteen years. It begins with the death of Shawn's mother when he was only four years old, moving on to when Shawn met Ryan, and then on through the years as they grow into adults.Each part of this fic revolves around Christmas time, which I th [...]

  • 4.5 *Another lovely short story that I would never have found if it hadn't been for checking out friends choices on GR, a beautiful poignant and tender tale of a friendship that stretches over 14 yrs between two boys, one ( Shawn) who will pluck at your heartstrings and the other( Ryan) who you will love for his fierce protective nature. You get to watch their relationship change and grow into something much more over that period of time, I loved it! Shawns Voice is one of those stories that lea [...]

  • If you can fall completely in love with a story, then call me head over heels.Since it was first posted on AFF, a year ago, I periodically read this story and it never fails to make me happy and to comfort me.Shawn’s Voice is a short story but it really packs a punch. Project Amy manages to provoke so many emotions with a few chapters, something that many full length novels fail to accomplish.The story starts with a very emotional scene between 4 years old Shawn and his mother. This scene open [...]

  • 4.5 stars from me for this onewhich I really enjoyed, sniff!Lots of reviews have been done already, so I'll just say thanks to V, and highly recommended.

  • What a sweet little gem! And free too. Like turning the pages of a family photo album, we see tiny snapshots of each Christmas they spend together within a span of about 15 years. Heartbreaking at times but a really lovely story! :)Thanks for the rec Vio! :D

  • Sweet little freebie a bunch of GR friends had already read and enjoyed. Friends-to-lovers genre, always a mood-lifter!

  • 4+ stars! Adorable, sweet, and free. Friends to lovers in the sweetest building-the-bond-from-childhood way. Just the warm and fuzzy I needed to help nudge me along during my reading slump.

  • 4+ starsBeautiful story of friendship that leads to more over time.At the tender age of 4, Ryan becomes Shawn's best friend and protector. Over the next 15 years we get glimpses into thier lives as the boys grow up and grow closer. This sweet story is primarily about friendship. The eventual transition to lovers takes the story to the next level and the end result is pure awesomeness!Highly recommended free story.

  • Perfect A perfect love story.They met when they were four years old. The beginning was heartbreaking. I cried out loud.I cried for Shawn and felt proud for Ryan. Ryan was Shaws protector.They were so connected together.Over all those Christmas years they were unbreakable.The story goes over sixteen years and there is not one moment that was boring.I loved them both very much. The end was ahhhhh sweetA free read so worthy to readfictionpress/s/306038

  • Sweet read. Love best friends-to-lovers! Would have loved for this story to have been even longer, so that's telling you that I really liked it.(view spoiler)[ I think how and when Shawn and Ryan got together finally was a bit rushed and thrown in towards the end. I would have loved more tension or build up or something, but it was good. Especially once the boys got together at the end. But would have loved to have seen more of their lives together after that point and even more romance between [...]

  • This didn't work for me. For the most part I liked the story, but the execution fell short. All the head-hopping and typos removed me from the enjoyment of the story. Both characters were endearing when they were young, but I felt a detachment once they finally got together. Although Ryan was always a bit controlling, I was hoping for more tenderness at this point.

  • Sweet story about Shawn, a boy with selective mutism, and Ryan, his best friend, this is told with a scene each Christmas from age 5 until 20 years old.

  • This was such a gorgeous, heart-warming and just plain endearing story. It's a short read, only being 3k, but it's so exquisitely written that it just drags you under, forcing you experience emotion after emotion whether you want to or not. Disabilities have always been a very sobering read for me, but in that same sense, they also have the potential to be some of the most beautiful stories.

  • D'awwwwww, that hurt and it was beautiful at the same time. These two couldn't have been more perfect for each other. Typos abound in the version I read, but I didn't even care because I was too busy falling for Shawn and Ryan.

  • Fantastic story. The snapshot in the life of a lonely little boy and his new best friend moving towards their future. All I can say is I loved it and will probably re-read it because it took a place in my heart. Shawn and Ryan are destined to be together forever and that is just perfect.

  • Simply beautiful. Your heart will break for tiny Shawn and his loss. But as the saying goes when life closes a door, it opens a window. Ryan is that window. This novella follows Shawn and Ryan's lives from the time they are five until they are 20 and is set against the backdrop of the Christmases they share. Find that feeling of Christmas and fall in love with gentle Shawn and protective Ryan by reading their story.

  • I agree with Amy 100% "Yes, the story only revolves around Christmas time, and it would be nice to see more of their lives together outside the holiday season -- but then it's just me being picky"If that it's the case, then I'm being picky also.

  • This story was highly emotional, sweet, adorable and all the other beautiful adjectives one can think of. My one small issue is that the ending felt a bit rushed and Shawn's feelings of romantic love had not seemed to come through until then.

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