• Title: ย้อนมิติ
  • Author: Ken Grimwood ชคัตปรีติ
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
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    • [PDF] Û Unlimited ↠ ย้อนมิติ : by Ken Grimwood ชคัตปรีติ ↠
      455 Ken Grimwood ชคัตปรีติ
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    About " Ken Grimwood ชคัตปรีติ "

  • Ken Grimwood ชคัตปรีติ

    Ken Grimwood 1944 2003 worked in broadcast journalism for a number of years before retiring in 1988 to write full time He wrote five novels, including the award winning Replay, Breakthrough, and The Voice Outside.


  • To see a world in a grain of sandAnd a heaven in a wild flower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour.Every night and every mornSome to misery are born,Every morn and every nightSome are born to sweet delight.Some are born to sweet delight,Some are born to endless night.God appears, and God is light,To those poor souls who dwell in night;But does a human form displayTo those who dwell in realms of day.All poetic excerpts in this review are from Auguries of Innocence by Wi [...]

  • This book crushed me. It sparked such a deep feeling of loss and regret in me. Made me examine my own life, my own decisions, missteps and regrets and wasted time and opportunities. Life is short, and this book will remind you of that. It will remind you of lost loves and what could have been. It will remind you that life should be lived to the fullest, that you shouldn't ever waste a single day. It will teach you about true loneliness. And finally, it will teach you about acceptance. I loved it [...]

  • I had very high expectations for this 1988 World Fantasy award winner. The main character, 43-year-old Jeff Winston has a heart attack and dies, only to wake up in his college dorm room 25 years earlier with his current memories intact. He "replays" his life several times throughout the book trying to correct the mistakes of his "previous" lives. After the second "replay", I got tired of reading about Winston's miserable life and sexual escapades and wished he would just die and stay that way. T [...]

  • 5.0 stars. I did not go into this book with high expectations, despite the numerous awards this book was nominated for and won. Well I just finished it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! Calling it the best "time travel" novel ever does not adequately explain the emotional depth of the novel. This was an incredibly well-written, extremely well plotted novel that is at times both gut-wrenching and uplifting. HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!! Nominee: Arthur C. Clarke Award for Best Science Fiction Nove [...]

  • There was a period of time where I made myself think through what I wanted, realistically, and how to achieve them, ultimately. Were you one of those kids who wanted to set the world on fire and initiate changes for the better, if not for fame then for purpose? I was saddened by how scaled back my plans became once I was a bit ground down by circumstances. Then I set it all aside and half-numbly addressed day-to-day tasks.Recently, I was in a situation where a man-boy poured his little heart out [...]

  • The horse race was good.I expect that I am just brimful of wealthy self-centered mediocre individuals undeservedly basking in privilege and power. But, all that irksome name dropping worn thin. I get it. There's a disproportionate lack of insignificant villagers in the past lives of people who claim to remember them. Nobody wants to be part of the three serf families that the Rostov's neighbor traded for a dog.When I'm disengaged and uninterested in the story, it's awfully easy to find low hangi [...]

  • I'm a total sucker for time-travel novels, and Replay is a dam clever one filled with unexpected twists and traumatic experiences.After a fatal heart attack at age 43, Jeff Winston wakes up baffled to learn he is not dead, but a young college student again back in 1963, (no spoiler here) and as he begins to relive his life over and over and over again, he becomes a bit more prepared and curious each time. Wanting to know the cause of this unusual phenomena, he finally stumbles across an interest [...]

  • With a setup that recalls Groundhog Day and Back to the Future II (a middle-aged man, Jeff, relives his life from age 18 to his "death" at 43 over and over, able to change things each time but never escaping the loop; going back in time gives him a chance to make a fortune betting on horse races), Replay promises to be a fun sci-fi wish fulfillment story, but winds up something else entirely, a wistful meditation on the relentless passage of time and the regrets we all carry about the choices we [...]

  • I read this book for a book club I'm in, and it surprised me that I hadn't heard about it before. I bought the book and I read it and I wanted to like it. There had been a lot of hype when it came out in 1986 and won the World Fantasy Award of 1988. I like fantasy. I write fantasy. But I don't think this book is actually real fantasy. I don't think it's science fiction either. I think it is a failed attempt to write a story where a human being finds redemption through an unusual method. I feel i [...]

  • Jeff Winston is a 43 years old radio journalist, trapped in a tedious job and a dysfunctional marriage, when he gets the chance of a lifetime: when he's having a heart attack, instead of dying he wakes up 25 years earlier, in 1963, with all his memories intact. I don't think there's any person on this planet who, approaching the 50 years milestone, has not fantasized about starting over with the wisdom that only age and experience can grant, and enjoy all the perks a young body and financial for [...]

  • Reading this on a train journey where I was travelling to meet up with a friend and was very excited about seeing him could have meant that this book would rather have been like 'musac' going on in the background and ought not to have made any real impression but it did. It was a really clever concept of one man who dies of a heart attack at 43 but then keeps reliving the decades leading up to that moment. And each 're-life' is informed by what he has been and done in all his previous incarnatio [...]

  • Well see Bill Murry is in this small town and for some reason he wakes up there every day and it's the same day. He's living Ground Hog day over and over and he needs to learn.No wait, that's a movie this is a book. Okay Jeff Winston is 43 years old and he apparently has a heart attackd wakes up in his old college dorm room 25 years before. He died in 1988 and woke up in 1963.We now follow the story of his lifehis redeath and his reawakening again, and again. While Murry in Ground Hog Day relive [...]

  • Replay is a book that had been lingering on my to-read stack for well-nigh three years before I finally got up the gumption to actually crack the cover. Once again I find myself a victim of the too-many-books-too-little-time syndrome which seems to plague all of us various Goodreaders and am kicking myself for waiting so long before reading this eminently enjoyable time travel romp.I think that one of the reasons I avoided reading this for so long is that it is saddled under the unfortunate umbr [...]

  • It's a shame that REPLAY by Ken Grimwood is not more well known. The writing and story are stellar, and this book is still one of best I've ever read.

  • Right from the back of the book: “As exciting as ‘Back to the Future’, As romantic as ‘Peggy Sue Got Married’, a phenomenal time-tripping adventure.” Well, in the spirit of a little ‘time-tripping’ let me bring these comparisons slightly up to date; Replay certainly has a quaint combination of elements from the aforementioned films, but it most resembles ‘Groundhog Day’. Any fan of the three previously mentioned films would find it difficult to be disappointed by Replay. Begi [...]

  • Replay one of most interesting and compelling science fiction novels I've ever read. It's cleverness is only exceeded by the book's probing insights into love, values and the human spirit. Replay is a page turner, so be prepared to miss meals and train stops.

  • The author does a great job of illuminating the main character's inner dialog and questions about his predicament. At each point in the novel, the protagonist responds to his situation sensibly and/or understandably, demonstrating smarts, will-power, perseverance, and human fallibility (his patience can and does reach a limit). I liked the plot twists and turns at least for the first 2/3 of the book, I really had no idea WHAT was going to happen next. I was hoping it wouldn't end the way it did [...]

  • Jeff Winston, age 43, dies in 1988 at the start of this book. But he doesn't really. He awakes in his college dorm being barely 18 again. Ahead lies the chance to relive his life, change the things that went wrong, all with the future knowledge of what he has lived throughout the years. But 1988 comes again and Jeff dies again. And again and again. And the things he keeps doing in previous lives stop counting. Only he remembers them, but not the people he shared them with. He has to deal with th [...]

  • Je crois que ce livre m'a fait passé par tous les états possible : ennui profond, interrogation, angoisse existentielle, perplexité Plus sérieusement, ma partie préférée a été le deuxième replay, entre la scène plutôt réussie de "je te quitte bitch" avec l'avion en flamme en décor de fond, la rencontre avec Pamela, l'espoir Je pensais qu'il y aurait une exploitation plus intéressante des autres "replay-er" comme Stuart, et plus globalement, je m'attendais à bien plus en lisant ce [...]

  • There are no words in the barrel of my always-expanding vernacular that I could dispatch to properly articulate exactly how much I loved this novel. I am FLOORED! The sadly now deceased Ken Grimwood had a knack for boundless imagination.Replaymay have just become my favorite book of all time, so I'll try and specify why in an extensive lovefest that'll soon follow. But for nowI have to finalize a review for one recently read novel I've neglected—Luke, I haven't forgotten you.

  • July 2009Groundhog Day is more like Groundhog Quarter-Century for Jeff Winston. Dead of a heart attack at 43, he suddenly wakes up in his old college dorm alive, healthyd 18 years old. It’s 1963, and Jeff has been given a second chance in life. His dead-end job? His dead-end marriage? Haven’t happened yet, and they don’t have to. Because Jeff also remembers other things: Baseball scores, Kentucky Derby winners, all of the good stock options. Doesn’t take him long to amass a fortune and l [...]

  • 5+ life affirming StarsReplay is winner of World Fantasy Award for Best Novel (1988)I absolutely loved this mesmerising book with it's unexpected twists, beautiful romance, intelligent plot and incandescent characters. I read Replay on a whim, without knowing what it's about except that it has something to do with time travel, and now I'm so glad I took a chance on it this summer. “All life includes loss. It's taken me many, many years to learn to deal with that, and I don't expect I'll ever b [...]

  • Ok, so I'm a time travel novel addict. This is my tenth in a little over two years and I'm still on the lookout for more! This one is pretty good: the narrative has elements in common with other books I've read (the JFK assassination, how to make money quickly & well, if you get it wrong this time there's always next time) but, in truth, it never really feels believable in a way the King novel, 11/22/63, does. Still, it's pacy, there are plenty twists and, like all books of this genre, it do [...]

  • Replay: Imagine reliving your prime years over and overOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureReplay is a story that every reader can empathize with. Who wouldn’t want to relive their best years over again, with all their memories intact? Fixing all the mistakes, seizing all the missed opportunities. It’s an irresistible thought, a fantasy of “what ifs”. Replay predates Groundhog Day (1993) by 7 years, and explore the concept in far more depth, taking it to the extreme to examine what gi [...]

  • This book is pure fun. It is a fantasy about Jeff Winston, a middle-age man with a marriage that has turned sour. He suffers a heart attack, and wakes up to find himself 18 years old again, in his college dorm room. He has retained all his memories. He figures out how to relive his life--differently. The story is sort of reminiscent of Groundhog Day, but instead of reliving a single day over and over, Jeff relives many years of his life, again and again.With each replay of Jeff's life, he takes [...]

  • Probably I'm not the only one who wonders, what would I do if I got the chance to re-live my life. Would I try to fix the mistakes I believe I did? Would I try to explore a totally different path? Would I miss the people from this life, should I never encounter them again? Would this chance be a blessing or a curse? It was fun watching the protagonist struggle with the stages of going through this experience - exhilaration, depression, acceptance, actually embracing itConsidering that I'm now mu [...]

  • Jeff Winston is given a unique opportunity when amidst a mid-life crisis of sorts at the age of forty-three, talking to his wife on the phone, he has a heart attack and dies. Yes, this is only the beginning of his story. When he wakes up, he’s confused by his surroundings and thinks he must be dreaming because he hasn’t seen the inside of his dorm room since he was eighteen years old. Except he really is eighteen, all over again. He has the opportunity to do everything differently and he sta [...]

  • 3,5/5Un thème passionnant abordé de manière intéressante, sous de multiples facettes, évoquant les questionnements profonds de l'être humain. Un style d'écriture agréable. Malgré tout, il m'a manqué quelque chose; j'ai l'impression d'être passée un peu à côté de cette histoire - je n'ai pas ressenti beaucoup d'émotion alors que le sujet s'y prêtait. Tant pis pour moi !

  • No he podido quitarme de la cabeza películas como Forrest Gump o Atrápame si puedes. No por el argumento sino por la forma en que se cuenta la historia. Como esas películas que cuentan la vida de personas reales que guardan una chispa mágica dentro de ellos.

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