Faithful to Laura

Faithful to Laura Laura Stutzman leaves her Kentucky community for Middlefield Ohio with one purpose to find Mark King the man who pledged his love to her then left She can t move on with her life until he explains

  • Title: Faithful to Laura
  • Author: Kathleen Fuller
  • ISBN: 9781595547767
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • Laura Stutzman leaves her Kentucky community for Middlefield, Ohio, with one purpose to find Mark King, the man who pledged his love to her, then left She can t move on with her life until he explains why Sawyer Thompson is a Yankee who spent his teen years in an Amish home Now an adult, he has to make a decision go back to the life he knew as a child or join the churcLaura Stutzman leaves her Kentucky community for Middlefield, Ohio, with one purpose to find Mark King, the man who pledged his love to her, then left She can t move on with her life until he explains why Sawyer Thompson is a Yankee who spent his teen years in an Amish home Now an adult, he has to make a decision go back to the life he knew as a child or join the church Having suffered loss at a young age, he understands Laura s anger, but is determined to follow God s will and forgive As their friendship grows, Laura begins to let her guard down New information about Sawyer s past threatens the couple s budding relationship Both Laura and Sawyer will need to release the anger they re storing in their hearts and forgive the people who ve harmed them As Laura struggles to trust God, will Sawyer do whatever it takes to remain faithful to Laura

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  • My first thoughts about this book was that uh oh this is the second in a series, but I hoped that it wouldn't make a difference. Sadly though I think it did. With the beginning of the story I knew the protagonist had issues from her past. Terrifying dreams plague Laura Stutzman, but not just dreams, she is haunted by memories from her past, a past that has caused her to leave her home. She wonders if she will ever be able to make peace and move on or will bitternness and the need for revenge kee [...]

  • Faithful to Laura is book two in the Middlefield Family series.Young, Amish and angry, Laura Stutzman has been disfigured by flying glass! The man she loved, Mark King, betrayed her and started a fire, hoping to kill Laura in the blaze. She leaves her home in Tennessee for Middlefield, Ohio to try to regain her life and find work to pay off the debt left when her love stole her parent’s life savings.She finds a job at a furniture store as an office worker and begins her battle, to overcome her [...]

  • Laura has been through a lot. She was deceived by the man she loved and in the process almost lost her life. Sawyer has been through his own form of problems by losing his parents at a young age. Can they break through their separate pasts to find a future together?This is the main plot of Faithful to Laura although it does not take long to realize that there are many subplots and stories coming together in this book. As this is the first book in the series I have read, it took me a little while [...]

  • GENRE: AMISH ROMANCEPUBLISHER: THOMAS NELSONPUBLICATION DATE: AUGUST 07, 2012 RATING: 3 OUT OF 5 - ABOVE AVERAGE PROS: Addresses many difficult issues regarding relationships; Emma and Laura are very realistic charactersCONS: Numerous characters and storylines make it hard to connect with all of the characters; Sawyer’s motives for his indecision over joining the church are underdeveloped; situation with Sawyer’s grandmother is wrapped up too easilyFollowing on from the conclusion of Treasur [...]

  • Laura Stutzman came to Middlefield, OH to find the man who had pledged his love to her, then left leaving her with a broken heart, broken spirit, and with all of her family's money that they'd saved for 30 years. She blamed herself for the loss of the family savings and that's why she went looking for him, not because of her broken heart. When she did find him he attempted to kill her. Now she felt like she couldn't go home until she could earn the money to replace what they'd lost, but who woul [...]

  • Faithful to Laura is book two in the 'A Middlefield Family Novel' series and picks up where 'Treasuring Emma' left off. In this book we meet Laura, a young woman, injured and left disfigured at the hands of the man she loved. Very bitter over the scars that mark her face twist her spirit, she longs for revenge and plans to do whatever it takes so that it will be hers. A that the Amish do not believe in and goes against everything she has been taught.Sawyer is a young man who was adopted by a you [...]

  • 3.5 StarsBook two picks up pretty close to where book one left off. Laura is trying to heal emotionally from her burns that she received from Mark in book 1. Her goal is to get a job and pay her parents back the money that Mark stole. As luck would have it Sawyer shows up for supper one night with a job and Laura takes it. Sawyer is adopted and is trying to decide if he is going to join the Amish church or not. He soon finds out he has a biological grandmother who is not Amish and she wants him [...]

  • One of the things that I love about reading Christian fiction and primarily the Amish novels is that when tragedies occur , people come from the outside or as it's called in these novels the Englischer world. They always tend to welcome them with arms open wide. No matter what their past or circumstances are. As long as they adhere to their customs, anyone is welcome. It's a loving and happy society, where everyone pulls their weight, where everyone looks out for each other. A true community. Fa [...]

  • After a betrayal that left her scarred (both physically and mentally), Laura Stutzman is convinced she'll never love again and wants revenge against Mark King, the man who hurt her. Sawyer Thompson was adopted by an Amish family but isn't sure if he wants to commit to the Amish faith. His growing feelings for Laura complicate his decision as do unexpected revelations about his past. Will these two find love together or does God have other plans for them?“Faithful to Laura” is a multilayered [...]

  • Title: FAITHFUL TO LAURAAuthor: Kathleen FullerPublisher: Thomas Nelson August 2012ISBN: 978-1595547767Genre: Inspirational/AmishLaura Stutzman is an Amish girl. Mark King hurt her deeply, leaving her with physical and emotional scars, and despite that the Amish teach forgiveness, Laura has revenge on her mind. She can’t move past what Mark did and she wants justice served. Sawyer Thompson wasn’t born Amish, but he was adopted by Amish parents and raised in the community. When he discovers a [...]

  • Faithful to Laura is the story of a young Amish woman scarred from a recent attack by someone she though loved her. As a result of her injuries and loss, she has become bitter and focuses on revenge. While recovering she meets Sawyer, who was raised Amish by his adoptive parents, he is trying to decide the path to hiss future. Does he stay with the Amish he has come to think of as family or does he enter the English world. While he is struggling with his decision and unexpected person arrives wh [...]

  • Faithful to Laura was an enjoyable book. It is the second in Kathleen Fuller's Middlefield Family series. I enjoyed this story more than the first of this series. I enjoy the way the author continued to expand on the characters from the first novel of the series. In this book, we see the developing relationship of Laura and Sawyer. They both have past experiences that have been hurtful in their lives and both have big decisions to make that will impact their futures. The side story going on abou [...]

  • If I had to sum the book up in one word it would be Betrayal. Yep, betrayal. Have you ever read an Amish book and thought it was full of several different kinds of betrayal? Well this book most definitely has it. If I were asked to give two words I would say betrayal and forgiveness. For all the betrayal the main characters in the book face they all have the option to forgive those who have wronged them; given how they were wronged some would be VERY hard to get over. I enjoyed the book, but it [...]

  • This second book in the Middlefield Family series is a real page turner. Kathleen Fuller adds so many elements to a story that you can't wait to find out what will happen next. This book focuses on Laura Stutzman who left her family and home in Tennessee to find Mark King, a young Amish man who professed his love to her and then stole her family's life savings. Laura meets Sawyer Thompson, a young English man, who was adopted by an Amish family after his parents were killed. Emma, who was the fo [...]

  • Faithful to Laura, an Amish fiction novel by Kathleen Fuller, is a well-paced novel with solid characters and an intriguing story.Laura Stutzman, whose face is forever scarred after an attempt on her life by a man who also stole her family's life savings, has decided to pay back her family. Taking on a job away from home for another Amish family, Laura is determined to no only repay her debt but to find some answers and put the man who nearly killed her behind bars.jamiswords/2012/0

  • I enjoyed this book so much that I read the entire thing in one night. It was a perfect story to get into while curled up on the couch with a warm blanket.The characters are believable, in that things aren't perfect and they don't always say or do the perfect things. Laura's life has been hard, and she is a woman experiencing a desire for revenge, while still trying to live out her faith and honor her family. The path her life takes and the man she meets hardly seem ideal, yet these things come [...]

  • Just finished reading "Faithful to Laura' by Kathleen Fuller. It is a continuing story to "Treasuring Emma". This story is about Sawyer and when he is a young boy his English parents die and he is adopted by Lukas and Annie Byler, Then when Sawyer is 20 his grandmother comes and wants him to go to New York and take over the family business but he has decided to join the Amish church and he is in love with Laura. I give this book 5 stars

  • Do we really know the people closest to us? Well Laura is about to find out! It's crazy how people we love can deceive us and we can't see it when it's right under our nose. If you want to know more go read this amazing series, you'll be hooked from the first minute and won't want it to end. I can't get enough and cannot wait to open up the next book

  • I am a fan of Amish fiction and was the first time for me reading this author. I liked how she brought it a character that had issues. Most Amish authors make the Amish look so perfect and God fearing but in reality they are human and make mistakes or go to the extend of committing crimes. The book kept me interested and would be a recommended book.

  • Love conquers allin, murder, broken promises and lovecthrown away but if you believe the impossible can happen! a must read!

  • Another Great ReadUsually, the second in a set isn't that great but this one was! I like how this set has closure and promise for the next book.

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