The Hunted of 2060

The Hunted of Set in Alaska Lovers Species Way to Survive Summary Set in Alaska in when April enters her Sopho year at University she thought Robert might be the love of her life but as she disco

  • Title: The Hunted of 2060
  • Author: Ami Blackwelder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Set in Alaska 2060 3 Lovers 2 Species 1 Way to Survive Summary Set in Alaska in 2060, when April enters her Sopho year at University, she thought Robert might be the love of her life, but as she discovers, she is hiding something inside her, something the rest of the world believes to have died out She struggles with who she was and who she is becoming as she leaSet in Alaska 2060 3 Lovers 2 Species 1 Way to Survive Summary Set in Alaska in 2060, when April enters her Sopho year at University, she thought Robert might be the love of her life, but as she discovers, she is hiding something inside her, something the rest of the world believes to have died out She struggles with who she was and who she is becoming as she learns of a family she never knew existed and of enemies she will have to outrun, outfight or outwit to survive As April embraces her new identity, will she have to leave the life she loves behind With underlining themes of how prejudice breaks human connections and animal wildlife conservation, this novel which has received rave reviews will leave the reader flipping through the pages of April s story.

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  • This is my updated and *amended* review. I had a pre-published edition and the editing has since been fixed, according to the author.My only unclear point is the Colonial Marn-is this a typo? If he is a "colonel," it is his rank. I will use the word "Colonial" since that is how he is addressed in my edition of this book.2 flames Some spoilers.The back of the book:Set in Alaska 2060. 3 Lovers. 2 Species. 1 Way to Survive.Set in Alaska in 2060, when April enters her Sophomore year at University, s [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 is good and the storyline could be developed into a really great read (I hear there is a sequel!). I did however, struggle to get past the first couple of chapters with what felt like over-use of descriptive text. It did improve somewhat in the second half of the book and I am keen to read the prequel when Ami completes it. I am interested in reading and 'seeing' the The Hunted from possibly April's mum's view (not sure who's POV will be in control). A look at the Hunted from [...]

  • Really I would rate this about a 3.75, so I never know how to do that here on . Maybe sometime I will change the stars to a 4. (I'm not very good at rating things, but I do have a review if you want to read on)I really enjoyed the futuristic elements of this book. It was so entertaining to dive into the world Ami Blackwelder created. It’s fun to imagine if any of these things will actually be possible in 2060--which I could potentially see at 73 years old. I loved imagining all of the touch sc [...]

  • The fact that it was set in 2060 made even more interesting than it would have been if it were set in the present. From the very first chapter Blackwelder had my full attention. April had a lot going on in her life before she even went into the world of shifters. It was when she was introduced did she changed completely. While I thought April's relationship with her boyfriend was interesting, her relationship with her pack was stronger. Even if she didn't want to admit it. While I admit I wanted [...]

  • April is nineteen and studying at the university when she begins to suffer from an odd illness. Her boyfriend, Robert, is always there to offer comfort, but April cannot understand the changes in her body--the incredible heightening of her senses, her strength and speed. Her lust for meat.Then one day walking along the campus between classes, she is rendered unconscious. Waking in the forest, she sees a face exactly like her own. April’s twin sister tells her the truth. She is a hybrid. Her fa [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060, is an amazing read, written by Ami Blackwelder. The story line itself and the fact that it might possibly be our future keeps the readers attention. Taking place in Alaska in 2060 after an "alien" invasion it is the story of April and her progress in finding her identity. Plus takes the romance between three characters, to another level by instating the slight fact of prejudices that are placed towards different people in society. Together with April, Robert, Arken, Arquet, a [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060Upon reading the description of this book, I was very interested in reading it. It didn’t sound like anything I’ve read before, which was a breath of fresh air. The premise of the book is about an alien species coming to earth, and wishing to make a life for themselves alongside humans. Unsurprisingly, there are humans that are resistant to them, and cause the aliens to be hunted down. The aliens are shape shifters, able to mimic something they have previously touched, e.g. [...]

  • PictureThe Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder was a fantastic read! Becoming a shape shifter is the easy part, staying alive is what becomes the challenge.April knew there was something wrong as she wrenched in pain at random times throughout the day. She knew she must be careful who she could trust and confide in as well.Her boyfriend Robert wanted to be there for her. He continually put up with April avoiding him, just wanting to become closer.When April meets the sister she never even knew she [...]

  • The summary of The Hunted of 2060 begins with: "Set in Alaska in 2060, when April enters her Sophomore year at University"--I was immediately drawn into the world and setting that the author so deftly and effortlessly creates, in this futuristic novel. I really liked the part about the electrical newspapers "beam[ing:] in and out against the shop walls" displaying current events, ha ha!In the chapter entitled 'Siblings' (Page 16), there's one line that reads, "complex themes [are:] interwoven in [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder:My Review: *****Transport yourself fifty years into the future–to 2060. To a world with humans and a new species, a hybrid species, created by the interbreeding of humans and an alien species which arrived on Earth in 2020. The Rogue Militia, an organization set up to destroy them, exterminated the whole species. What remains in 2060, are the hybrid survivors, a species of shifters.April is one such hybrid. Left at an early age with adoptive parents, her e [...]

  • “I didn’t take my sky car. I wouldn’t have been able to navigate it with paws.” Love that line!This book will appeal to YA readership, but with the current market of Twilight making supernatural/paranormal books popular this book will appeal to adults as well.It’s told through the eyes of sophomore 19 year old Amy Blackwelder in futurist 2060 in Alaska. At the opening Amy is experiencing her metamorphosis through chills, pain and images she can’t explain. Her boyfriend Robert is worr [...]

  • "The Hunted of 2060" is a novel that cuts instantly to the chase. This will suit well the teen-and-above audience that it is pitched at. Paced briskly from the outset, Ami Blackwelder creates a futuristic mix of sci-fi and teen-female-adventure. However, this novel has more about it than the current blitz of teen vampire novels. You can see how Blackwelder has taken the time to project a fully plausible future based on the best and worst of current society that we can all relate to without it be [...]

  • This story starts out pretty much along the same line that many of the young adult books today do, a young girl knows she’s different all her young life and now those changes have manifested with physical changes. Usually it’s a vampire or a shifter. Well, it is a shifter ---of a different kind. Blackwelder manages to take an oft used hook and weaves her own awesome story that was well worth your time. In the year 2060, aliens have previously visited and supposedly been eradicated by the gov [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder is an original and inventive new story that kept me on the edge of my seat. Blackwelder has given a very different view of love, society, and growing up in the not to distant future. I doubt that I could give a summary better than Ami Blackwelder did, in fact I wouldn’t know where to begin without giving away too much. I have to give my compliments to the author for writing such relatable characters despite the uniqueness of their situations. I found mysel [...]

  • From the first page of you are drawn into an unimaginable world. Where peace will never quite reigns again. When April, a university student discovers she is part human and part alien, her world is turned upside down. A hybrid, with no real place in the world, she meets the twin sister she never knew she had, becomes part of a wolf clan and in turn becomes the hunted. Ami Blackwelder moulds her characters so well, that you can’t help but get drawn into their lives. You see through their eyes, [...]

  • I was fortunate enough to get an email copy of this book from the author. I got about 1/4 into the book, and from what I read, it is really good.I loved how the first chapters kept the reader in suspense, like a "what will happen next" feeling. I also liked that the author knew exactly when to stop doing that, so as not to be annoying.The characters were entertaining and deep. I enjoyed the writing. However, the reason i decided to stop reading this book and not finish it, is because it is an eb [...]

  • A Young Adult novel set in a future that includes shapeshifters, hybrids, werewolves and a scary security force that persecutes anyone who isn't 'normal'. Even so, the main characters have some of the same preoccupations that they have today - family relationships and trust, loyalty, identification with certain groups or clans, and the attractions of the bad boy for a young woman even when she already has a lovely boyfriend.The author includes some neat illustrations to enliven the text, includi [...]

  • I am only giving it three stars because it is young adult fiction otherwise, I liked the premises or concept of the story and found the plot intriguing with its believable futuristic developments, both the human and hybrid thoughts and feelings were realistic making it a naturally thought provoking read. I wish I had realized the character illustrations were in color at back of book, they would have been more helpful for visualization techniques had they been in the front. I believe the author h [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 is a very powerful and engaging read for all ages. The world and characters created in the book are very skillfully described making you sympathize with them, get enraged with them, and at the same time learn with them.The effect it produces lingers with you long after you've finished reading it making you think about things that are of global importance, reconsider your attitude toward human values such as love, sacrifice, humanity, justice as opposed to meritocracy, brutalit [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 is a fast paced novel by Ami Blackwelder set in Alaska. The future comes to life as hybrid humans struggle to survive in a world that does not understand them. The foundation that Ami has created is a fresh look at the future that sweeps the reader to an unexpected climax. As an avid reader I found myself struggling with the first portion of Ami's work, and feel that this is not the high caliber of writing that Ami has produced in the past. But if you’re looking for a quick [...]

  • The author sent me a PDF copy to read and review. The story in general was just way too out there for my tastes and preferences in novels. I've never read anything in the paranormal love/fantasy genre and was excited to try something new, but it turns out that it's a genre that doesn't catch my interest. The story is very imaginative and detailed, but the staccato burst pace was annoying to me and I simply could not relate to any of the characters and I'm one of those people who has to like the [...]

  • The Hunted of 2060 puts a unique twist on the shape-shifter tale. Set fifty years in the future, Ami puts us in an exciting yet controversial time. We quickly learn that all is not as it seems and that those who discover the truth about themselves will be forced to fight for their lives in a war they didn't know existed. The reader is drawn right into the thick of the story, and as we learn the truth about April's life, we become sympathetic to her plight. This story is exciting right to the ver [...]

  • As a publisher of an established literary magazine, novels, short story collections, and poetry books, it is unusual for me to be able to sit down with a book and enjoy it without being conditionally forced to see the strings of structure, regardless of how well the writer performs their art. For me, Ami Blackwelder's book 'The Hunted of 2060' was a refreshing adventure - often scary, but also funny - an effortless read but with all the complexities and subtle nuances that a reader longs for whe [...]

  • I'm a huge fan of fantasy and the paranormal. I wanted to read this book as soon as I saw the cover, it just called to me and I certainly was not disappointed. The Hunted of 2060 was very fast paced with beautiful descriptions, action, and a nice romantic story line . Ami made me feel like I was part of the world she created. She did a wonderful job of taking the shifter concept and making it her own. I highly recommend this book for all of my paranormal book reading friends who are looking for [...]

  • I have finished and I enjoyed the storyline. I have given 3 stars as I needed a little more from the writing, more depth and possible better editing. I have discussed with Ami. There is an Avatar 'feel' to this book. I really enjoyed where the story could take the reader and the imagination Ami has. I fell in love with Arken. He was a great character. Diamond and Unseen were my other fave characters. I am looking forward to the Prequel and sequel to this book.

  • This was a fantastic title with great characters and scenes that played out in your mindseye very well. I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys fantasy/horror/scifi/drama type books. With the holidays approaching this would make a great gift.

  • This book is a classic reason as to why I love being a book reviewer. I meet great authors who write so wonderfully that it blows my mind. April is such a cool character and I immediately connected with her. The Hunted of 2060 is a thrill-ride that shouldn't be missed.

  • This book was actually kind of addicting (In a good way) and I stayed up entirely too late reading it, But I'm really glad that I did. This book is definitely one of my favorites!

  • Hunted is the first book in a series of standalones called Shifter Evolutions. I must confess that I imagine the book will be about shifters as soon as I saw the cover. The blurb just confirmed this but the story goes beyond the shifter clichés I have come to expect from plenty of paranormal novels. Before going a little deeper into the plot, I would like to talk a little about April. She is quite a believable character because, the way she was written, I could see the world through her eyes. I [...]

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